If you’ve been searching for a fun, vibrant watch that looks just the way you–or your kids–want it to, we found it. Visit Modify Watches, a small business specializing in custom watches that lets customers to mix-and-match from over 3,000 combinations of watch faces and bands, all with fun names like The McQueen (Steve, not Alexander).

Modify seems to have a fantastic reputation for involving loyal customers in their product development (just check out their Facebook page), which we think is really cool. But it’s ultimately about the watches. The way it works is simple, really. Pick your watch face, pick your band colors, and you’ve got a personally designed watch starting around $40.  They’ve even got a Mod of the month club, if you’re really into switching up your looks with new band colors all the time.

The company has youthful, energetic vibe that I really wish I had most days, and you see it in their attitude toward their fans. Their founder says that they don’t want to create watches that 10,000 people like; they want to create one watch that one person loves. Thus, the new Mod-to-Order-Watches featuring your own photos.


Modify Watches custom watches | Cool Mom Picks

Mod-to-Order custom watches | Cool Mom Picks

If the Kickstarter gets funded by March 28 (so hurry!) you’ll be able to order a Modify watch face with your own design–your kid’s face. Your dog. Your house. Your parents’ wedding photo. A tall caramel macchiato. Anything you really, really love.

My kids and I love the way the watch band feels—soft and smooth, very flexible, and it doesn’t catch your arm hair (which makes my somewhat touch-sensitive kids very happy). Stick with the mini, if you’re getting one for your kids. Not that they won’t want to steal your big chunky one.

After a successful Kickstarter, Modify Watches are now available through their own website. Thanks to their awesome team for sending out some samples for us to test. Prices start around $40, with custom watches around $60.