In years past, we’ve strongly suggested that you bring chocolate covered matzah as a gift to your seder hosts. Why is this Passover different from all other Passovers? Because this time, I say you keep this Chocolate Buttercrunch Matzah from Undercover Chocolate all for yourself.

Selfish? It’s the matzah talking! Just look at this genius Passover treat we spotted at Mouth, all layered with buttery toffee, dark chocolate, and roasted pecans.

Can you blame me for wanting it all to myself?

I suppose you could buy two boxes, one for you and another for your host. That’s definitely the more generous move. Just trust me that you shouldn’t open your box first. You’ll be shocked at how quickly you turn from celebrating the spirit of the holiday to hoarding Pecan Matzah Buttercrunch like, uh, me.

Passover seder dessert: Chocolate Buttercrunch Matzah by Undercover Chocolate Co. at Mouth | Cool Mom picks

One important note: this product isn’t strictly kosher for Passover, just “kosher style.” If you’re sharing, make sure that’s okay with your hosts. If you’re not sharing, make sure you’re good with what that means before taking a bite. Because you won’t be able to wait until Passover is over.

Chocolate Buttercrunch Matzah  was created exclusively for Mouth by Diana Levy’s Undercover Chocolate Co. We thank them for that.