It’s been a while since we found a cool toy strap for babies and their strollers–as in, so long, that item isn’t even available anymore. So it’s nice to discover  Lil’ Sidekick, which keeps any item tethered to wherever your baby is sitting, and keep it from falling (or uh, “falling”) onto the ground.

My baby is at the age where she is very grabby and will put anything in her mouth. But her coordination isn’t quite there, so whatever she grabs and gums, she inevitably drops. Over and over again. You with me mamas? If so, you’ll love Lil’ Sidekick, s a simple but clever toy strap that you can tether around items of all different sizes and attach to your baby’s stroller, high chair, car seat, or grocery cart in any gravity-filled environment you happen to be in.


They’re not cheap at $16.95, but I think in the long run they’re superior to handmade fabric versions which get filthy themselves pretty fast. These happen to be made out of BPA-free and phthalate-free rubber – because you know your baby is going to end up chewing on that too – and has belt-style holes all along its length to accommodate items from water bottles or beloved toys to pacifiers. I tried it out and was impressed to see it even works with something as small as a baby spoon.

For those desperate times, you can attach the other end directly to your belt loop, like if you’re holding your baby and would really prefer that her pacifier not fall onto the public bathroom floor at the mall. Not the most fashionable look, but again–public bathroom floor. I’ll take that trade. And so will my back.

Lil’ Sidekick toy strap for babies comes in five colors through their website.

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