I’ve never been one for new year’s resolutions, but every spring you’ll find me looking to clean up in more ways than one. There’s something about the budding plants, fresh green veggies, and warming weather that inspires me to recommit to healthier living. And still riding the momentum of Earth Day this week, I’m turning to One Simple Change: Surprisingly Easy Ways to Transform Your Life, a new book of healthy living tips by naturopath Winnie Abramson, for inspiration.

I’ve followed Winnie for years through her blog Healthy Green Kitchen where she shares fabulously healthy recipes, as well as balanced (and evidence based!) opinions on diet and health. From paleo to raw milk, Winnie has chimed in, always reminding readers that they have to live and eat in a way that works for them regardless of what anyone says. Including herself. Winnie’s thoughtful, non-judgmental approach defines the One Simple Change book just as it does her blog.

This easy-to-read guide to wellness offers 50 small changes in the way that we live and eat to improve our everyday well-being. Each tip is more practical than the next—don’t skip meals, load up on leafy greens, let it go (sing it, Princess Elsa)—and backed up with a very short, simple explanation of current, relevant research.

The tips are organized for readers to work through one per week but, if you’re an all-or-nothing kind of person, dig in all at once. The book also offers 15 fresh, simple recipes, which is a mega bonus given Winnie’s talent for turning the healthiest ingredients into the most delicious meals.

Start getting inspired by some recipes from Winnie’s book that I spotted around the web.

Silky Carrot Soup recipe from One Simple Change book at Wimpy Vegetarian

Silky Carrot Soup at The Wimpy Vegetarian


Grain-free chocolate chip cookies recipe from One Simple Change book at Gourmande in the Kitchen

Grain-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies at Gourmande in the Kitchen


Spicy lacto-fermented carrots recipe from One Simple Change at With Food + Love

Spicy Fermented Carrots  at With Food + Love

The magic of this book is not just in the tips themselves. Though they are truly simple—the title does not lie!—the best part is Winnie’s warm and considerate approach. Each tip is presented in just one or two pages with a bulleted review at the end. She knows that we’re busy and totally overwhelmed with ideas about how to live better. Her brevity and warm tone speak to her commitment to helping us cut through the noise to discover small, manageable shifts that can make big, meaningful change.

Find the One Simple Change book by Winnie Abramson through our Amazon affiliate or at your local independent bookstore.