We’re longtime fans of Meagan Francis of The Happiest Home here at Cool Mom Picks. Beyond Baby, her latest guide and accompanying workbook, makes another wonderful resource for parents, offering productive and calming exercises to help them make the transition from all-consuming babyhood to the next ages and stages in parenting.

The lessons in Beyond Baby are geared toward small, easily digested challenges, spread out over 40 weeks and organized into five sections. Each week tackles a scenario–from the state of your home to the state of your mind–and gives you a challenge to complete. Some are fairly straightforward, like making a date with yourself (Week 1), cleaning out your car (Week 13), and getting a good bra (Week 20, although we would suggest that you always have a good bra). Others are more involved, like joining a club, creating a healthy new habit, and expanding your social circle.


Beyond Baby by Meagan Francis: review on Cool Mom Picks

It doesn’t matter if you take three weeks to finish one lesson, or power through several in a single week. It also doesn’t matter if you’ve been out of the baby stage for years, like I have — these exercises can be a smart and satisfying way for any parent to make some life changes.

Whether you’re breathing a sigh of relief or gasping in panic at the thought of letting go of all that baby gear and moving past the baby stage, Beyond Baby offers a friendly place to start and a comforting voice along the way. It’s the next best thing to having Meagan Francis as your BFF.

Download Beyond Baby as a PDF or get the ebook for Amazon Kindle for only $7.99, plus get the Beyond Baby workbook free.