My kids never just want to know what something is. They also need to know where it’s from, what it does, what it eats, and why it makes that weird noise. If your kids want all the answers too, check out these adorably informative science t-shirts for kids from Elemental Ts. Each image is a labeled anatomical diagram just like you find in science textbooks.

(Wait, do kids still use actual textbooks anymore?)


Horseshoe Crab science t-shirt by Elemental Ts | Cool Mom Picks

Glow-in-the-dark firefly t-shirt for kids at Elemental Ts

Robot anatomy t-shirt for kids at Elemental Ts

Frog anatomy science t-shirt for kids by Elemental Ts

Lionfish anatomy science t-shirts for kids at Elemental Ts

Hand-printed in Brooklyn by two clearly cool Brooklyn moms, we love the bright colors and hand-illustrated images of animals and robots which are totally great for boys or girls. From frogs to boats to lionfish, and even a robot, each shirt is available in sizes 2T to 6 (though you might order up a size) in different colors. Special treat: The firefly t-shirt has a tail that glows in the dark.

Each shirt also comes with a fact sheet and a toy magnifying glass for maximum answers on all the new questions you’re bound to get,  about what a prosoma is and why a horseshoe crab has one.

Shop science t-shirts for kids  online at Elemental Ts.