While you’re busy looking for the perfect Father’s Day gifts, you can’t forget the perfect funny card, right? If you’re like me (and your dad like my dad) then you’ll appreciate these 18 funny Father’s Day cards that I tracked down on Etsy this year. We promise they’re all SFW–unless maybe your work is in a monastery–and somehow, we managed once again to avoid tired references to lazy dads, power tools, remote controls, golf, and mowing the lawn.

Hey cardmakers: Take a cue from these artist and get with the 21st century.

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Funny Father's Day card - If it weren't for you... at Hello Small World on Etsy

If It Wasn’t For You…Father’s Day Card ($4.50, Hello Small World)
A sentiment you can both agree with.

Funny Father's Day Cards: Knocked Up Mom Father's Day Card | Cool Mom Picks
Knocked Up Mom Father’s Day Card ($4, How Awcard)
Not sure how many dads you can give this too. We won’t pry.

Funny Father's Day Cards: Your contribution to my existence Father's Day Card | Cool Mom Picks
Your contribution to my existence Father’s Day Card ($4, Paper Freckles)
And this is why you need to give him more than a card.

Funny Father's Day Cards: Working the Pole Father's Day Card | Cool Mom Picks
Working the Pole Father’s Day Card ($4.50, Sweet Perversion)
The words every dad hopes to hear from his daughter one day.

Funny Father's Day Cards: Maury Povich Father's Day Card by Seas and Peas
Maury Povich Father’s Day Card ($4.50, Seas and Peas)
Was there ever any doubt? Don’t answer that.

Funny Father's Day cards - Daddy issues card from ASP Design

Daddy Issues Father’s Day Card ($5 ASP Design Solutions)
Or so you think.

Funny Father's Day cards: Darth Vader Star Wars card

Darth Vader Father’s Day Card (For Better or Best)
It’s not Father’s Day without one good Darth Vader reference.

Thanks for Having Me - funny Father's Day card at Cheeky Kumquat

Thanks For Having Me Father’s Day Card ($5, Cheeky Kumquat)
There was probably at least one other reason.

Funny Father's Day Cards: Too Much Whiskey Father's Day Card | Cool Mom Picks
Too Much Whiskey Father’s Day Card ($5, Hairbrained Schemes)
The perfect card to go with a good whiskey perhaps?

Funny Father's Day Cards: Breaking Bad Father's Day Card | Cool Mom Picks
Breaking Bad Father’s Day Card ($3, SiouxAlex)
Suddenly the idea of a Father’s Day barbecue has a different meaning.

Funny Father's Day Cards: We Make Cute Babies Father's Day Card | Cool Mom Picks
We Make Cute Babies Father’s Day Card ($4.50, Jade Court Designs)
For your husband or partner, NOT your dad. Ew.

Funny Father's Day Cards: I love you more than... Father's Day Card | Cool Mom Picks

Funny Father's Day cards - I love you more than my smartphone

I love you more than… Father’s Day Cards  ($4.50, Hop Skip Jump Paper)
Lots to choose from. Even customize your own.

Thanks for not shooting my boyfriends - funny Father's Day cards from Cheeky Kumquat

Thanks for Not Shooting my Boyfriends Card  ($4, Cheeky Kumquat)
Even pacifist dads have entertained thoughts. Trust us.

Funny Father's Day Cards: Wiped My Butt Father's Day Card | Cool Mom Picks
Wiped My Butt Father’s Day Card  ($4, How Awcard)
Sad but true. And funny. And sad.

Funny Father's Day cards: That one time... | Sylvan Nest on Etsy

That One Time… Father’s Day Card ($3.92, Sylvan Nest)
Cheers to the dad who can appreciate this card. Maybe one you’re married to? (Ha.)

Funny Father's Day Cards: Al Bundy | Cool Mom Picks
Al Bundy Father’s Day Card   ($4.50, Seas and Peas)
Any excuse for a good Married With Children reference.

Funny Father's Day Cards: Teenage Years Father's Day Card | Cool Mom Picks
Teenage Years Father’s Day Card  ($5.50, Violet Press and Paper)
Those of you with younger kids? Karma is coming.

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