If you’ve ever dreamed of having your own David Bowie to snuggle, we’ve got good news: These pop culture dolls by French artisan My Name is Simone are just as much for you as they are for kids.

Whether you’re into Ziggy Stardust, the King of Pop, or a certain fabulous fashion designer named Karl, they’re all based on her favorite style icons who will look equally as posh on the couch or on a shelf in a mod nursery. There are five dolls available now from Little Collector, each made of 100% organic, sustainable materials. Along with the three you probably recognize, there are also some cool little dudes with moustaches.


Pop Culture dolls by My Name is Simone: Ziggy Stardust

My Name is Simone waterproof swimsuit bag | Cool Mom Picks

Pop Culture dolls by My Name is Simone


Pop culture character pouch: Karl Lagerfeld by My Name is Simone



And if you dig the style but aren’t in the market for a doll, she also makes handy waterproof, drawstring pouches featuring the characters– perfect for summer trips to the beach or pool. Where you get to look cooler than everyone else. After all, who else showed up there accompanied by Karl Lagerfeld?

Find art dolls and swimsuit pouches by My Name is Simone at Little Collector. The Major B/David Bowie doll is currently sold out. Darn! But regarding that, Planet Earth is blue and there’s nothing we can do.