None of my kids had any interest in baby pacifiers, which was not for lack of trying on my part, let me tell you. If they had, I know that my germaphobic tendencies mean that I would have carried around lots of extra clean binkies and pacifier wipes, and  tried to heed the urging of my Cool Mom compadres to never invest in a useless pacifier sterilizer. But here’s something up my alley without a big investment: the Keep-it-Kleen baby pacifiers from RaZbaby.

We first discovered these self closing pacifiers years ago, and since then they’ve added a ton of new adorable designs–I totally love how retro the little animals look. What remains the same is that these baby pacifiers are like magical, no-germ wonders.

If one falls out of baby’s mouth (and we know that it will fall out), the clasps close up and protect it, so the pacifier stays clean. We’ve tried it and yes, they work. The back has a little self-closing mechanism that doesn’t get in the way, but closes around the nipple when dropped.

It makes me breathe easier just thinking about it.


Keep-it-Klean self-closing pacifiers for babies |

You can also get personalized self-closing pacifiers from the company for only a dollar more, making them a great new baby gift. And I just realized that the customization option is particularly perfect for us germaphobes; if the baby’s name is on it, then it really can’t get mixed up with some other kid’s drooly one. Phew.

Get Keep-it-Kleen self-closing baby pacifiers and other cute baby gear at 

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