If you have had a fantastic summer weekend host, a memorable visit with relatives, or some other cause to send a little thank you gift to commemorate the experience, consider the new Summertime book by Joanne Dugan a terrific option.

Edited by the same author/photographer who brought us favorite books like ABC NYC and 123 NYC for kids, along with countless images in magazines that you’d recognize, Joanne has put together the work of 46 terrific photographers. I cannot stop flipping through the clean, evocative images which, even in their diversity, are so well-curated that they hang together like a gallery show about summer. And as a parent, it’s the photos of children frolicking on beaches or floating in pools or outdoor showers that really grabs at my own heart.

The pages are peppered with wonderful summer quotes from sources as diverse as F. Scott Fitzgerald, Carl Jung, Joni Mitchell, Emily Dickinson, and Jacques Cousteau to create just the right tone. But then, some of the photos are simply left to stand on their own, with plenty of white space around them. Fill in your own summer quote in your head to fill the void if you need. I expect you have many.

Summertime book edited by Joanne Dugan

Personally, I want to leave my copy out on the coffee table all year. This is a perfect gift book to make you long for the days of bare feet in the grass, fireflies, jumping waves, frizzy hair, and being able to get the kids out the door without the hassle of coats and sweaters and scarves.

Okay, maybe not the frizzy hair so much.

Read more about the  Summertime book by Joanne Dugan on the website, or find it at our affiliate Amazon or your local independent bookseller.

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