If we ask my four-year-old to help out with something, he’s taken to tipping an imaginary hat and saying, “Happy to sublige.” As in, happy to oblige. How Downton Abbey of him. He’s always cracked us up, but when I try to think of specific things he’s said, all I can hear in my head is the grandparents in my life who told me a million times, “I hope you’re writing this stuff down.” Thus: Letters to My Baby by one of our favorites, Lea Redmond of Leafcutter Designs.

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This keepsake book is way more than just a record of funny things your kids do, though. It includes 12 fold-out pages for parents to write letters to their babies. Each has a prompt, such as “My wishes for you are…”, “I laugh when you…” or “One really special thing about you is…” So helpful when you’re trying to preserve memories while you’re severely sleep deprived.

Letters to My Baby keepsake book by Lea Redmond

 Letters to My Baby keepsake book by Lea Redmond sample letter

The pages are designed to look like vintage air mail,with the front addressed to “the future you” from “the younger me,” and other fun variations.

This book might border on the sentimental side for us, but that’s a pretty common feeling for new moms and dads–or, uh, at least tell me it wasn’t just me? I suggest buying up a few of these and sticking them in with baby shower gifts, or if your time for writing is nonexistent (hey, I get it) sending one to grandma and grandpa or another special relative, whose thoughts will mean so much to your child, too. You could also hang onto it for a sweet sweet 16 or high school graduation gift, to show that baby in the future how much you really were paying attention. The thing about good memories is they just get better–especially if you remember, ahem, to write them down.

Order your copy of Letters to My Baby from Amazon or your local bookstore today.