One of the obvious—and awesome—perks of writing for Cool Mom Picks is that I get to scope out the newest, coolest products for moms. And sometimes, those products fall into the I-can-only-dream, outrageously chic, over-the-top gorgeous category. Then again, sometimes we get emails make us ask, are these for real? Here are ten seriously splurgy baby gifts I’ve seen lately, in no particular order.

If you’re a 90201-er or $4500 for a crib doesn’t blow your mind, have fun. My wish list can be your shopping list.


Splurgy baby gifts: Silver Cross Kensington Pram Stroller
1. Silver Cross Kensington Pram Stroller, $2,750
Feel like Kate Middleton when you stroll your baby around town; she has one too.


Splurgy baby gifts: Babyhome Dream Premium Bassinet
2. Babyhome Dream Premium Bassinet in leather, $1200
Leather may not be the most practical for a baby, but this is truly gorgeous. And will stay that way provided he never spits up.


Splurgy baby gifts: Carkoon infant car seat
3. Carkoon Infant car seat, about $750
If you get in a car accident, a protective bubble in this futuristic car seat  immediately covers over baby to protect from the impact and even heat.


Splurgy baby gifts: Vetro Crib by Nursery Works
4. Nursery Works Vetro Crib in clear lucite, $4500
Ultra modern chic, this lucite crib is the same one that Beyonce and Jay Z picked for their baby. You know, since that’s how we make all our home decor decisions.

Splurgy baby gifts: Loop fork and spoon at Tiffany & Co
5. Tiffany Loop Fork and Spoon set, $325
This keepsake baby  set is so gorgeous, surely it will get babies to eat their strained spinach. Right?

Splurgy baby gifts: Jimmy Choo Blare Leather Tote Bag
6. Jimmy Choo Blare Black Biker Leather Tote Bag, $1895
With moms using tote bags as diaper bags more and more these days, this ultra-cool biker tote from one of our favorite designers is a seriously luxurious option. It definitely says, “yeah, I have three nannies. So what?”

Splurgy baby gifts: Bawa play table
7. Bawa Play Table, $650
Is it a play table or a work of art? Hard to tell with this stunning handmade piece from Poland. It’s not really a super splurge as far as beautifully hand-crafted furniture goes, but considering some kid will probably scribble all over it with your Sharpie…yeah.


Splurgey baby gifts: Personalized cashmere Ralph Lauren baby blanket

8. Personalized Ralph Lauren cashmere Baby Blanket, $295
Incredibly soft cable knit cashmere that you can just toss in the washer and dryer every day when it gets dirty like all your other baby blankets. Kidding.


Splurgy baby gifts: Fresco chrome high chair by Bloom
9. Bloom Fresco Chrome high chair, $650
This happens to be one of our favorite high chairs, splurge or not. The design is gorgeous and it adjusts to three different positions so your child can use it until they’re almost 80 lbs., though by my count that’s somewhere around fifth grade.

Splurgy baby gifts: Nursery Works Halo Crib
10. Nursery Works Halo Crib, $6,900
This crib, made from hand-selected American black walnut, floats on a 24-karat gold base. And in case you need to justify the price, it converts to a toddler bed too. Though I’m still having trouble justifying the real gold.

If you’re not ready to max out your credit card on one of these gifts, take a look at our post on the coolest baby shower gifts under $30.