Hot chocolate goes with all winter activities at my house, whether we’re picking out a Christmas tree or going out to see the lights. Making homemade hot chocolate is so easy that I kind of feel guilty using the powered mix from the grocery. Even though there are some very very good ones. Besides, we’re making memories, mamas! So trying out some of these super creative hot chocolate recipes for ourselves is part of the fun.


First off, you must try the thick, spicy concoction that is the Aztec Hot Chocolate recipe (above) from A Beautiful Mess. It’s dark and a little bit bitter and spicy, and very traditional. But then, adding huge marshmallows to the cup will make it it just sweet enough.


Creative hot chocolate recipes  | Nutella hot chocolate at Pepper

They had me at Nutella. And the 2-ingredient Nutella Hot Chocolate recipe at Pepper could not be easier, or more delicious. It’s that hazelnut in the Nutella that gives it a special, nutty flavor. Perfect for cold afternoons.


Creative hot chocolate recipes | Peppermint Hot Chocolate at Number 2 Pencil

Peppermint extract and crushed mints are a great way to top whipped cream on nearly any sweet, festive drink. And yet it’s perfect on this this Peppermint Hot Chocolate recipe from Number 2 Pencil. I’ll go out on a limb and say this is a front-runner for our own Christmas Eve celebration this year. And hey, maybe New Year’s too.


Creative hot chocolate recipes  | Red Velvet Hot Chocolate at French Press

Track down a natural red food coloring (then hold your breath if it ends up in your kids’ hands). It’s one of the ingredients you’ll need in this Skinny Red Velvet Hot Chocolate recipe found at French Press. It looks gorgeous, and since it’s made with skim milk to cut back on calories, it means I can justify and have two cups.


Creative hot chocolate recipes  | Sweethearts Hot Cocoa by Two Peas and their Pod

I know quite a few little girls who would jump at this Strawberry Sweethearts Cocoa from Two Peas and their Pod just from looking at it. Especially if mine comes out looking anything like this.   Melted butter, sugar and ice cream (yes!)  make up the base of this totally-not-a-diet-drink that I imagine tastes like heaven.


Creative hot chocolate recipes  | Italian hot chocolate at 12 Tomatoes

Italian Hot Chocolate from 12 Tomatoes is a thick, decadent treat. I see it more like a melted bar of chocolate than the watery, powdered mix my kids are used to. Kind of like the fancy hot chocolates you can get from gourmet chocolatiers like Jacques Torres. Only you make it yourself, and stay in by the fire.

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Creative hot chocolate recipes | Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate at Sweet Remedy

Now that we’ve eaten our way through all the peanut butter cups from my kids’ Halloween candy–and yes, it took that long–I think I’m ready to get back to them again. If you can’t resist that peanut butter and chocolate combo, check out this Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate by Sweet Remedy. Protein! It’s healthy!


Creative hot chocolate recipes | Gingerbread hot chocolate at Lovin the Oven

We’ve ridden the pumpkin spice wave to the very end around my place, and now we’re moving onto all things gingerbread. I think this Gingerbread Hot Cocoa from Lovin the Oven is a spectacular combination of holiday flavors. And yes, those are gingerbread flavored Peeps in that whipped cream. But I know Peeps aren’t for everyone–you could always top it off with a homemade gingerbread man or a little slice of gingerbread cake and your kids will be just as charmed.

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Creative hot chocolate recipes | Boozy White Hot Chocolate at Little Ferraro Kitchen

This one is not for the kids, to be sure. I say, put on your favorite R-rated movie, cozy up under a blanket on the couch, and fix yourself a cup of this Boozy White Hot Chocolate from Little Ferraro Kitchen after the kids have gone to bed. You deserve it.

After you try these yummy mugs of chocolate goodness, check out these other delicious hot chocolate recipes. We’ve got your back, chocoholics.