The first thing I notice about the¬†keepsake lockets¬†from the brand new company, With You, is how pretty and sweet they are‚ÄĒin fact, we listed them as one of our¬†holiday gift ideas¬†for a special mother-in-law or grandmother in our gift guide this year. But I’m always a sucker for a good backstory, and co-founder¬†Mikki’s Story¬†brought me to tears.

Mikki designed ¬†her first locket for her sister’s wedding. She placed a picture of their father, who had passed away a few years earlier, inside the anklet¬†as a way to¬†let him “walk” her¬†sister¬†down the aisle. (I warned you about the tears.) That thoughtful¬†gesture¬†has inspired the creation of a whole line of gorgeous lockets, all inscribed with the phrase¬†With You.

Just think of how special it is to think of the person who gave you the locket being with you every time you wear it. Or, the person whose photo is on the inside, whether it’s a new baby, a cherished relative, or the love of your life.



Vintage-style Beatrice keepsake locket from With You. So pretty!

This gorgeous necklace is actually a keepsake locket from With You

Meagan Necklace: A gorgeous keepsake locket from With You

With You keepsake lockets: A special inscription so you always think of the giver


Another nice¬†touch:¬†once you’ve chosen your locket,¬†you have the option to¬†upload your photo for them to¬†print, cut, and laminate for an additional $25.¬†Such a helpful service¬†if you’re sending one directly as a gift.

This is seriously¬†heirloom-quality jewelry. In fact, it’s amazing they start at just $149 considering they compare in quality to the¬†the¬†$600, $800, or $2500 (seriously) keepsake lockets we often have our eyes on. Although truth be told, that splurgey Michael Necklace up top, a gold keepsake locket with diamond pave, definitely steals our hearts on the higher end.

How special to have an heirloom like these keepsake lockets to pass down to our daughters and granddaughters some day. Maybe by then they’ll be filling them with our Instagram selfies, and talking about how very old and 2014 all the filters looked.

You can browse through the entire collection of keepsake lockets as pendants, anklets, rings and bracelets at the With You website. Order by 12/19 for free standard shipping or through 12/22 for guaranteed Christmas delivery.

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