I may not allow Elf on a Shelf in my house, and Peter Pan is definitely not welcome to fly through my kids’ bedroom window, but having some magical fairy visitors would be just fine. Especially if it means my kids go eagerly to bed in the hopes that one will stop by while they are sleeping. The Dreamland Fairy Kit is just the kind of place a fairy may want to visit and would make an awesome fairy gift for kids who believe that fairies are real.

Developed by moms Cassie Slane and Ami Van Dine after their six-year-old daughters proposed the idea, the kit contains a small wooden house that reminds me of an unfinished bird house but with some cool modifications to encourage a different kind of winged visitor to stop by. Kids are encouraged to decorate their house using the enclosed set of paints, although I would also send my kids outside to find pretty rocks, small acorns, twigs and other natural stuff for decor too. Just make sure that stuff of nature isn’t moving or your fairy house may become home to something less magical.


Fairy gift for kids: Dreamland Fairy Kit

I can just see kids waking up each morning to check for fairy dust, or maybe a tiny note or a wee gift left behind by their fairy visitors. Just between you and me, the kit includes a small pouch of fairy dust to get you started, just in case it takes a few nights for the fairies to find your child’s room.

Along with the fairy house, parents can read the story booklet illustrated by Yvette Ruzicka which tells the story of the Dreamland Fairy who visits children to hear their dreams so she can share new stories with the other fairies of the woods. No matter what you do: Read the story out loud since it will make it clear that a fairy only visits a sleeping child, not one who lays awake all night with a net clutched in her hands hoping to catch a visitor for Show-and-Tell.

The Dreamland Fairy Kit comes with an unpainted fairy house, paint kit, pouch of glitter, and the Dreamland Fairy Booklet. Receive ree shipping when you buy three or more of these fairy gifts for kids on your holiday shopping list.

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