The next time I’m in NYC, I hope my plans take me to wherever the Snowday Food Truck is parked. A maple syrup-themed food truck with a seasonal farm-to-truck menu, its purpose is greater than serving delicious locally-sourced food. The truck is run by Drive Change, a New York-based organization that hires, teaches, and empowers formerly incarcerated youth.

See, in New York, the age of adult criminal responsibility is 16. (It’s 18 years old in almost every other state.) Snowday is a “vehicle for social justice,” employing 24 young people coming out of the adult criminal justice system and offering hands-on experience and transferable leadership skills. All sales from Snowday recycle back into the Drive Change program, which includes plans to build a fleet of NYC food trucks.

Snowday Food Truck by Drive Change is a NYC food truck that's more than just delicious locally-sourced food

Snowday Food Truck by Drive Change is a NYC food truck that employs former jail inmates

But can we go back to the food for a moment? Because I can’t stop thinking about New York maple syrup and all of the sweet and savory possibilities on the ever-changing Snowday menu. The dishes are French Canadian inspired, but the ingredients come from upstate New York and urban NYC farms.

If you’re in NYC anytime soon, follow @snowdaytruck on Twitter to keep track of where they’ll be serving next. Because we love Drive Change’s unique approach to helping people right here in our New York City backyard — and the sound of a maple syrup grilled cheese.

If you feel inspired to give this holiday season, you can help fuel Drive Change‘s mission by making a direct donation online. Contributions go towards learning space, specialized instructors, social worker salaries, curriculum development, licenses and credential fees, and their mentorship program.