If you’ve been wanting to learn how to take better photos of your family–or better photos in general–but aren’t quite sure where to start, SHOOT 2015 was made just for you. This affordable, online digital photography course is a comprehensive but easy way to hone your skills or learn new ones, all from the comfort of your own laptop.

For an entire year, professional photographers Amy Tripple and Heidi Peters, both members of the National Association of Professional Child Photographers, will provide an inspiring, organized, manageable course to help you document your family through photography.

It would make a fantastic new parent (or new parent-to-be) gift too.

Sign up for SHOOT 2015, and you’ll receive twelve in-depth, monthly digital photography lessons along with corresponding assignments. They include technical instruction as well as creative inspiration that’s easy to follow. And you’ll get weekly introductions to the work of talented photographers in the industry, who will share their own images and pro tips tailored just for your level. Plus you have access to a friendly, private community site where you can receive encouraging feedback from your peers.

Taking better family photos with SHOOT 2015

By the end of the year, you’ll receive an illustrated guide that’s full of helpful tips, and creative ways to assist you in capturing photos of your family for years to come. But what’s even better: you’ll have so many more skills and tips that you won’t believe the difference in your photos from last year to next.

The best part: The entire annual course is only $79.

Whether you’re an experienced shooter who wants challenge yourself in the new year, or you’re finally ready to dust off that dSLR and learn how to use it properly, SHOOT 2015 could be the perfect way to step up your skills with the level of commitment that parents can actually manage.

Visit the SHOOT 2015 online course and see how they can help both new and experienced photographers take better photos of their families. Make sure to register by Wednesday, December 31 for access to the full course. 

(Top photo credit Amy Tripple