If you’re in organization and clean-up mode (hello, new year!) you may be interested to know that you can actually turn those old clothes of yours into cash for your kids’ school thanks to Schoola. This online retailer of gently used clothing features tons of popular brands like Ralph Lauren, Lands End, J Crew, and Tea Collection–and also gives back to schools with every single purchase made.

As part of their #PassTheBag challenge, they’re encouraging parents to clean out their closets and help their own kid’s schools in the process, all completely free.

To participate, visit the Schoola website, click Let’s Start Something, and fill out the quick form to request your free postage-paid bag. Then pack it full of your gently-used kids’ clothing and they’ll do the rest, including photographing all the eligible pieces for you, and listing them for sale on the site.

Schoola consignment: proceeds go to your school!

It’s not just kids’ clothes, either; you can now include women’s clothing in the bag, which will go on sale starting this spring on Schoola. Best of all, for every $5 spent on your items, your child’s school will earn $2. You can even track your earnings on your school’s fundraising page on the Schoola website making it a great fundraising opportunity for your entire school.

With so many schools cutting programs due to budget shortfalls, and so many teachers purchasing their own classroom supplies and essentials, it’s a terrific way for you to support them while crossing a big closet purge off of your 2015 to-do list.

Thanks to our sponsor Schoola for helping parents clean out and give back to their kid’s schools in the process. Take a look at some families who have taken the #PassTheBag challenge on Twitter and Facebook by searching the #PassTheBag hashtag, and share your own experience there too.