We love finding service opportunities for kids and families as a way to get kids excited about public service and volunteering early. So I was so delighted to learn that the wonderful NYC is My Backyard camp, which my own girls attended a couple summers back, is hosting a Martin Luther King Day community service camp on Monday, January 19, as a way of honoring Dr. King’s legacy.

With schools out of session to commemorate the holiday in New York (I am actually disappointed to learn that this still isn’t recognized nationwide; so, go NYC!), it gives kids an opportunity to participate in community service projects, compile supplies for local charities, visit a local senior center, and learn about the power of giving back and Dr. King’s many important messages. All while having great fun, because the camp directors are simply wonderful.

They’re the school teachers you wish your kids get every single year, know what I mean?

Kids are so remarkably giving at heart, the MLK camp is such a beautiful idea. And with the hours from 10 to 3, it can be a smart option for parents who have to work–or a cool thing for kids visiting the City for the weekend so they can experience it in an extra special way.

Way better than a day in Times Square. Promise.

Visit the NYC is my Backyard website for more info on signing up for the Martin Luther King Day community service camp on January 19, in downtown Manhattan. A portion of the proceeds goes towards buying supplies for the projects which will then be donated to local shelters.