I know that for some couples out there, when it comes to Valentine’s Day, it’s the card that counts. So I’m always searching for really special V-Day cards that could make special gifts all on their own. I recently spotted these lovely, made-to-order personalized Valentine’s cards from EKRA, on Etsy and I’m really taken with them.

The heavy cut cardstock cover features your two names on front, and a red or pink heart behind. It’s totally the kind of thing I could see saving on a shelf in the bedroom for a good long time, or if you’re sentimental, framing.  Don’t forget to write a personal note inside, of course. That’s the most important part of all.

Personalized Valentine's cards spotted on Etsy

I also happen to admire that artist Emily Kircher is more than happy to offer them to same-sex couples too. In fact, everything in this shop screams love to me.

Visit EKRA on Etsy for personalized Valentine’s Day cards and other custom papercraft gift ideas for Valentine’s Day and anniversaries.