We’re fist-pumping, Bender style, over the rerelease of John Hughes’ arguably best movie ever (sorry, Home Alone), The Breakfast Club. 

Say it with us: Could you describe the ruckus, sir?

In honor of the 30th anniversary of the film that made every girl question whether she was a Claire or an Allison–although we all tried the lipstick trick, admit it–The Breakfast Club is showing in select theaters across the US on March 26 and 31. And despite being oh, just a little bit older than when it first came out (it was my own first R-rated movie) I am so going to be there.

Check the site for locations near you, buy your tickets online, and you can even bring your older kids. I’m planning to take my own teen for a mother-daughter bonding night. Hopefully she’ll see that teen angst hasn’t changed much since 1985, that there’s finally diversity portrayed in high school movies these days, and that Allison’s prediction wasn’t true: When you grow up, your heart doesn’t die at all.

Get all the details on the 30th Anniversary Celebration of The Breakfast Club on the Fathom Events website