We’ve seen some pretty spectacular kids’ toys made out of cardboard, from those beautifully designed cardboard food truck playhouses we recently shared, to pirate ships and toy castles. And now we’re loving the cardboard furniture from the Cardboard Guys which was recently funded through a successful Kickstarter campaign. Their inventive, smartly designed kid-sized cardboard desk and chair gives our kids a great place to work and to create.

This assembly-challenged parent is very thankful to hear that putting the five to six pieces together for each component is really simple and requires no adhesives or emergency trips to the hardware store for supplies. Just snap the recyclable pieces together, and your kid is ready to get to work.

And by “get to work,”  I mean kids will have a blast painting, coloring, or stickering their very own furniture — something I’d never let them do to any other furniture in our house.

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Imagination furniture from The Cardboard Guys is meant to be decorated by kids

Cardboard furniture for kids meant to be decorated by them | The Cardboard Guys

This isn’t just “turn a box into a chair” kind of stuff. The pieces are really thoughtfully designed, wildly stable (the chair can hold up to 500 pounds!), and there are even clever cubbies built into the desk for storing paint brushes, markers, or little toys.

Then, when your kid is sick of yellow polka dots or happy faces or cartoon princesses as often happens? The outer pieces can be flipped over or new desktops added to expose a new cardboard canvas, so kids can decorate all over again.

I’m looking forward to even more creations from The Cardboard Guys. It seems they’re onto something special.

For some cool cardboard furniture for kids, check out The Cardboard Guys’ website.