Warmer temps mean my kids are outside running around the neighborhood with their friends more–yippee! And with my oldest now a (gulp) tween, I’m feeling more comfortable letting him run between houses after school. But I would love him to wear a watch, so I can tell him a specific time to be home, rather than yelling for him from the back porch. Because that’s not real classy.

Should you have the rare child who does not yet own his or her own expensive iDevice, These cool kids’ watches are a fun way to celebrate your kid learning to tell time and gaining that first step of independence.

We love that they’re all analog, not digital. In other words, they have hands. Remember those?


Swatch Unicorn watch for kids

Swatch, you had me at Magical Unicorns watch. Not to mention the crystals on the watch face that my daughter will absolutely think are real diamonds. If your child’s head is lost in a fairytale somewhere, this is the watch for her.


Cool kids' watches: Get It In Blue! Flik Flak watch by Swatch

When you haven’t learned your multiplication tables yet, it can be baffling as to  why the 9 on your watch represents 45 minutes. That’s why I love this athletic-looking blue and black kids Swatch watch, also from their Flik Flak line. It looks cool, but with the minutes listed on the watch and the different colored hands, it’s so much easier for kids to read.


Cool kids' watches: the Kaleidoscope watch by May28th

We’re fans of May28th watches for kids which are both stylish and affordable, and now we’re eyeing their kaleidoscope watch available at Brika. It’s colorful enough to work for my kids, but looks so cool that I might just have to borrow it from them sometime. Definitely save this one for your time-telling pros who don’t need numbers on the faces.

Kids build-your-own LEGO watch!

How ridiculously cool is this LEGO watch for kids? Forget that it says “boys” next to the description, we think any kid would love this watch that you get to build yourself by adding LEGO watch links to the face in any pattern at all. The splash-proof design is great for kids 6 and up and hey, maybe if they keep the bricks on their wrists, it means fewer opportunities to step on them barefoot.

Timex Camper Watch for kids with interchangeable straps

If your first watch was a Timex like so many of us, your kid can follow in your footsteps with the Kids’ Timex Camper Watch at J Crew. What’s particularly cool is the ability to add several interchangeable straps for $12 each — minus 30% with code TIMETOSHOP plus free shipping, when you order now.


Cool My First Timex watch for kids with leather band. Great price!

If you think your child would appreciate something a little more feminine, we love this sophisticated My First Timex watch for kids, featuring an elegantly uncluttered watch face with bold, easy-to-read numbers, and a pretty pink leather band. For just $17 at Amazon, indeed it’s a good price for a good first watch.


Mod to Order customizable watches with face plates you can swap out

cool kids' watches: customizable watches from Modify WatchesThe great thing about Modify Watches is that they are modular and customizable — your kid can pop the watch face in and out of the strap easily. So you can get the cool Stealth Watch face, and then add multiple straps for a different look each day. Or, you can upload your own photo and create a watch face that’s all your own.  Just know the sport watch strap is about 8.7″ long so these are definitely for older kids. Plus they will need an understanding of what it means when the big hand is on the grey swooshy blob.

Affordable girls' floral slap watches at Nordstrom

For a really affordable but fun option, check out the girls’ slap watches by Titanium at Nordstrom in fun floral patterns, with just a little bling around the bezel. Not bad for 18 bucks. And you know, it is hard to resist a slap watch when you’re a kid. Or uh, a parent.


cool kids' watches: Paul Frank leather cut-out watch

For a truly special gift for a girl who’s learned to take good care of her timepieces, this Paul Frank kids watch featuring sweet leather cut-out hearts is more grown-up than kids’ watches with silicone bands, and a price to match. But for the right kid? Happy birthday, my little time-teller.


Cool kids glow-in-the-dark Batman watch

I am Batman. And it’s time for me to go in for dinner. At least that’s what we’re hoping our kid will be thinking when they glance down at at this amazing looking kids Batman watch that’s just under $10. (Holy great bargain, Batman!) The glow-in-the-dark case could come in handy when you’re stealthily tracking bad guys at night. Or you know, just getting into jammies at bedtime.

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