I just laid my eyes on the new Bugaboo Van Gogh special edition stroller, featuring Vincent Van Gogh’s iconic Almond Blossom design on the Bugaboo Bee³ stroller, and I’m drooling. Or swooning. Or both, maybe. What a perfect collaboration between the iconic Dutch stroller brand and the country’s Van Gogh Museum.

It is, hands down, perhaps most stunningly gorgeous stroller I’ve ever seen, should you be the type who would even see a stroller that way. But you know, a great impressionist master can do that to a piece of baby gear.

I love that Bugaboo didn’t do a stylized representation of Van Gogh’s work with this stroller; on closer look, you can see his brush strokes on the fabric! But even with a silk-like quality to the look and feel of the fabric, it’s got the same durability Bugaboo is known for. In other words, unlike a real Van Gogh, don’t panic if it ends up out in the rain.


The gorgeous Bugaboo Van Gogh special edition stroller

Get some air flow with the stunning Bugaboo Van Gogh special edition breezy sun canopy.

Keep your baby warm and beautiful with the Bugaboo Van Gogh special edition footmuff.



If you’re planning to invest in a Bugaboo Bee³ — and it is an investment — I can see parents spending the additional $100 to get this special edition. Or, if you’ve already invested in a Bugaboo that’s gotten a lot of love and it needs a fresh update, you can still add the Van Gogh sun shade or footmuff to your existing stroller. It might be the pretty pick-me-up that gets you through one more kid in it.

You can find the Bugaboo Van Gogh Stroller, plus accessories like the breezy sun canopy with mesh panels, and footmuff at the Bugaboo website. 

We’re sorry, but this item is no longer available.