Most of my friends, family, even my kids’ classroom teachers know by now that FashionABLE is my go-to for gifts because they’re all wearing something from them. Gorgeous scarves, fabulous totes, the list goes on. Well, now they’ve added wallets, I have to say might just be the gift from them I finally give to myself, and not just because they match their amazing leather totes I carry around daily. Okay, maybe a little.


The new Heta handmade leather wallets from FashionABLE

The new Heta handmade leather wallets from FashionABLE

As I just mentioned, I’m a huge fan of black and cognac leather, which is exactly what these handmade leather wallets are made from. But the size is perfect for me, and I love that the change purse is removable. So brilliant when you don’t necessarily need to be lugging your piles of pennies and dimes around with you.

And like all the FashionABLE products, your purchase supports the actual women who craft them by hand, giving them a skill, sustainable income, education and medical care for their families. If that’s not a reason to buy a wallet, maybe two, I don’t know what is.

You can purchase the new Heta Wallet at FashionABLE. They already sold out, however new shipments should arrive later in May.

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