Today, as we run on fumes, excitement, and lots of extra-dark roast espresso, we are so happy to introduce the launch of Cool Mom Eats, our all new food channel.

You have all been so responsive when it comes to our growing roster¬†of food posts over the past months and years, we thought it¬†was long overdue to give it its own due, as¬†a totally non-judgy, fun, helpful food site. And we’re so lucky it’s in the capable, sometimes Nutella-covered hands¬†of our fantastic¬†Managing Food Editor, Stacie Billis. (Shown up there with her unofficial associate editor, Isaac.) She’s going to be your sherpa through all things cool, fun, delicious, helpful, and totally non-judgy.

Hey, we serve cereal for dinner too sometimes.

Cool Mom Eats, from the Publishers of


If you’re looking for awesome recipes, tips, tricks, time-savers, fun food finds, school lunch ideas, weeknight dinner shortcuts, Friday night cocktail (and mocktail) recipes, party inspiration and more, Cool Mom Eats is now¬†where you’ll find it.

So head over and see what’s cooking (come on, we’re entitled to one bad food pun)¬†and while you’re there, be sure to¬†subscribe to the all new Cool Mom Eats newsletter.¬†You’ll be automatically entered to win a seriously hot $870 prize¬†package from KitchenAid!

For more entries, you can follow us on Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter Рbut all the details are over on the Cool Mom Eats welcome post.

Fancy KitchenAid giveaway on Cool Mom Eats worth $870. Sweet!

Sweet, right?


Oh, here’s¬†the other thing:

You might notice if you came here¬†from¬†the Cool Mom Picks homepage,¬†that it looks a little different. We thought it was time to bring our little family of sites all together¬†into one big¬†happy online magazine. Not much will change for you at all. It just means if you’re looking for ¬†cool tech, ¬†cool food ideas, or any of¬†the cool picks we’ve tracking down¬†for years, it will be a little easier for you to head to the right place and find what you’re looking looking for.

So thanks for being here! Well, we’re happy every day that you’re here, but we admit we’re extra happy today. Sleepy. But happy.

Liz + Kristen