I’ve been known to blow it up with rapid-fire text messages, but I still adore handwritten letters sent by snail mail. I’m also a child of the 80’s who passed notes folded just like the ones pictured on these old school text note cards from laLa Grace on BRIKA.

Kids, these are what text messages looked like in the olden days. Note proper spelling and apostrophe placement.

Old school text messages, i.e. STATIONERY. Love this!

Since they’re blank inside, I could use these notes for just about any reason, but I think it would be clever to write a note to my child’s teacher on one of these cards, since back in the day you definitely didn’t want one of your carefully folded pieces of looseleaf paper to end up in the hands of a teacher.

That is, if the teacher is old enough to get the joke too.

And if you don’t know how to fold a paper note like these, I can teach you. Or hey, there’s probably a YouTube tutorial. Feel free to Google it and text me the link.

Find the clever old school text note cards from laLa Grace on BRIKA