Around here, we’ve always¬†rolled our eyes at people who¬†refer to¬†fathers¬†watching¬†their kids as¬†“babysitting.” Which means¬†we also love companies who know that moms aren’t the only ones doing the childrearing these days. From cool diaper bags for men¬†(that, well, we like a lot¬†too) to terrific¬†baby carriers for dads that run a little larger, more and more baby gear is being designed with fathers¬†in mind. And that’s a good thing — not just because it means he’s sharing diaper duty.

As someone who’s worn quite a few babies myself, I like¬†these three¬†baby carriers because they each get high ratings from men I know and trust, and have¬†straps that can adjust to most any height, making them a comfortable¬†fit for dads (or grandfathers or godfathers or cool uncles). Some of them even work¬†with¬†kids up to three years old, which means the carriers can transition from the infant¬†bonding phase to the “we want to take a hike with the family, but the toddler¬†can’t keep up” phase.

In other words, I think all three of these carriers are great purchases for men, or for couples who are sharing the baby toting duties..

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The Stokke My Carrier Cool baby carrier for dads (and moms).

The Stokke My Carrier Cool carrier¬†uses a breathable mesh fabric for the¬†separate front and back carriers¬†that clip onto a¬†harness worn by the parent, so you can carry your child in one of 3 positions without breaking a sweat. You can tell by looking at this picture that compared with other carriers, your child sits a little bit higher in the Stokke. I happen to find that more comfortable. (Also, it’s apparently¬†hilarious.) It comes in the¬†cream color shown here, but you might consider black; babies do have this strange habit of getting things dirty.

Best baby carriers for dads: The BabyBjörn Carrier One

When our Lisa, our director of ad sales found out I was asking around about favorite carriers for men, she immediately wrote me to tell me how much her brother loves his BabyBj√∂rn carrier and wears it all the time. (Well, not¬†all the time.) The BabyBj√∂rn Carrier One, also shown at very top,¬†has four carrying¬†positions, from an infant facing forward to this toddler on your back. I love the flap that folds up when you’re wearing your child on your back, which just feels a little more safe to me.

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Best baby carrier for dads: the Ergobaby 360 will save your back.

On our last trip to Disney World, my husband toted our niece around a lot in¬†her¬†Ergobaby 360 carrier¬†when her moms needed a break. The wide, velcro belt reminds me of what workers at a hardware¬†store¬†might wear, but when you’ve carried your kid on a 3-mile hike or through most of Magic Kingdom, you appreciate that. It’s ergonomic for your baby too, with a¬†“frog leg” position that’s easier on their hips. And wow, has Ergobaby come a long way from the days that it was unofficially known as “the crunchy carrier.” Now there are plenty of fabrics and styles,¬†to suit all kinds of tastes. Even manly ones.

You can find the Ergobaby 360, BabyBjörn Carrier One (on sale right now), or the Stokke My Carrier Cool at our affiliate Amazon, or local independent baby boutiques near you. Happy babywearing, dads!