I’m pretty sure that artist Emily McDowell is inside my head, because every single thing she makes I find myself nodding and smiling, maybe laughing, and then laughing some more. And that’s the case with her newest crop of funny coffee mugs which makes the line even bigger. And funnier.

You’ve probably seen Emily’s hilarious reusable grocery bags and book totes here on Cool Mom Picks, which have all been big huge hits with our readers, and now, it’s funny coffee mugs. Personally, I think laughing over coffee is a perfect way to start your morning — or if you’re me, mid-morning, lunch, and late afternoon.

Okay, sometimes after dinner too, which as you might guess, doesn’t always end well.

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Funny coffee mugs by Emily McDowell: Great advice!

It's too early for you to say such things. Yep.

Funny coffee mugs by Emily McDowell: For all you Anne of Green Gables fans!

You can do it!/Shut up, mug | funny coffee mug by Emily McDowell

Everything is okay mug | Emily McDowell

It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I have to give extra props to the Anne of Green Gables reference. Fist bump to my favorite sassy redhead. And of course, a few of them are less appropriate if you have kids around. Maybe better for the office?

Such an awesome gift for someone with a sense of humor. Or hey, maybe someone who needs one. Because as I always say (seriously, listen to our Spawned podcast and you’ll hear it), if I wasn’t laughing as a parent, I’d be crying.

You can purchase the new funny coffee mugs by Emily McDowell on her website.