Gender neutral clothes for kids, or unisex, or whatever you want call it — if you are a regular here you know we are all for it. We are always on the hunt for whatever gives kids (and their parents) as many options as possible, from their bookshelves to their toy chests to their closets. So allow me to introduce our latest find in fun and funky wardrobe options for all kinds of kids: Lot801.

(Update: 801 is now The Little Milk Bar, focusing on nursing gear for moms and babies)

Lot801 was founded at the kitchen table of frustrated Salt Lake City mom Lindsay Isakson who wanted a little more creative wardrobe freedom for her daughter than she was finding among the racks of pink hearts and purple stars. The result is a playful selection of eco-friendly, organic cotton wardrobe pieces for babies and toddlers she fondly calls, “little punks.” And I’m loving all of it.

What stands out to me are the patterns. The Lot801 collection is hip and fun, featuring muted colors and whimsical prints a with a touch of retro. I mean can we talk about these Tetris leggings for a minute? Jeez, if I thought I could pull these off, I’d be commissioning a pair in my size ASAP.

Also, they did leave me wondering which box my old Gameboy is in.

While yes, the headbands and pink smiley face scarf do skew more female for most parents, I think the Lot801 leggings — definitely the core of the collection — and the fun beanies let boys break out of the navy/tan/army green rut too. And though I never considered my own kids rocking infinity scarfs, I sure am now.


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Awesome Tetris leggings for babies + little kids at Lot801

Cool tetris patterned beanie for babies and kids at Lot801

Cool gender neutral leggings for kids at Lot801

Lot 801 star leggings and other cool gender neutral clothes for babies and toddlers

Pink smiley infinity scarf at Lot801

Drops beanie for boys and girls at Lot801: So much fun fashion inspiration here!

Cool gender neutral polka dot leggings for babies and young kids | Lot801

One great note about the accessories is the lifespan of the sizing; these fabulous outfit add-ons are made to last, with most items meant to fit from 6 months to 4 years. Longevity in kids clothes? Word.