If you aren’t familiar with CHARM IT, the wildly popular charm bracelet brand for girls, then you haven’t ever browsed at the black hole of impulse purchase crack¬†by the register at your favorite kids’ boutique. Well now there’s a fun, albeit temporary way to get your kids in on the action¬†with Tattly’s CHARM IT Temporary Tattoo Party Set.

My own girls first discovered it when they were lured over to the booth at the NY NOW gift fair last month for a sample. Instant hit. Are you surprised?

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Tattly + CHARM-IT team up to make temporary tattoo charm bracelets kids will love

The premise is the same as an actual charm bracelet, only no small pieces¬†to lose under your couch.¬†Just¬†apply one of the chain¬†bracelet tattoos included in the pack, add the colorful charms of your choice — which,¬†as your kids will tell you, is¬†all of them — then step back and admire your handiwork.

I love that it comes with enough tattoos¬†to accessorize four kids with a bracelet and up to four charms¬†each, making this a fun party activity, an affordable birthday party gift add-on, or even a sweet hostess gift when you’re heading to visit friends with kids this holiday season.¬†The only complaint: only two rainbow hedgehogs! Fortunately my girls are happy make¬†trades for the rainbow roller skate and the kawaii rainbow, though they’re putting in a request for an emoji of any kind.

Just know this is a gateway tattoo: It may not lead to any real ink in the near future, but you will probably be roped into getting your kids the real CHARM IT bracelets.

Find the new CHARM IT Temporary Tattoo Party Set online at Tattly