Today is the last day of International Babywearing Week, so we thought we’d put together some of our favorite new stylish baby carriers carriers for you all. But it’s not like we need a pseudo-holiday to remind us what a lifesaver a baby carrier can be, whatever the reason you use it — attachment, convenience, going hands-free, carefully concealing that postpartum gut. (Ha.) Plus you can get more of that delicious new baby smell, on demand.

Personally, I love using a carrier for naps on-the-go and having a hands-free option while I get meals ready, and even as a way to go the bathroom without having to having to hear a barrage of cries, wails, and screams on the other side of the door.

(Please tell me that I am not alone in this!)

So take a peek at our picks. How great to know that stylish baby carriers have transcended the typical brown/black old school carrier look in such cool ways.

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Stylish baby carriers for International Babywearing Week we love the colors of the Kaleidoscope Baby Carrier by Bagy

For evidence that baby carrier designs have come a long way, take the stellar baby carriers from bybagy on Etsy. I am digging their Kaleidoscope Baby Carrier which features the coolest hood to provide your baby with some coverage as they snooze or nurse. I am also swooning over the fact that these carriers are handmade and allow you to carry your babe in the front, side, and back — all while distributing their weight equally, which makes for so much less strain on your back. Functionality + Design = awesomeness. ($105)

Stylish baby carriers for International Babywearing Week featuring the cool Limited Edition LÍLLÉbaby Baby Carrier by LÍLLÉbaby

I just discovered this new artsy baby carrier from LÍLLÉbaby designed by the Guncles, or Tori Spelling’s gay uncle besties. Whether you knew that or not, I think you’ll like that this gorgeous limited-edition line supports the Independent Adoption Center. The hand-drawn designs were all created with crayons (now that is one awesome way to get crafty!) to represent the joy and love that adoption brings into lives. Bonus: an older sibling will love the super cute LÍLLÉbaby Doll Carrier that matches the adult version.  ($139-$159)

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Stylish baby carriers for International Babywearing Week with the fun dotted Classic Baby Carrier by Ergobaby

Ergobaby is my all-purpose tried-and-true carrier for everyday wear. From outdoor adventures wrangling all three kids to the domestic adventure of making dinner for everyone, I love how Ergo carriers are super supportive and comfortable. Plus you can place your babies up to 45 pounds in the front, on your hips, or on your back and you seriously feel no strain on your back, hips, or shoulders. The styles just keep getting better, as Ergobaby has recently launched some killer styles with the chic Indigo mint dotted baby carrier, and a new option in the Ergobaby Performance collection of baby carriers that’s ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. ($120 for the classic; $140 for the performance collection.)

Stylish baby carriers for International Babywearing Week with the awesome Fair Trade Babywearing Wrap by Hip Baby Wrap

Wraps are a favorite of a lot parents, but they can also be hard. I didn’t master it until my third daughter, and I can fully credit that achievement to the Hip Baby Wrap. Not only do they offer fun and chic designs, the instructions are clear enough for a non-wrap master, to well, master. I found my Hip Baby Wrap to be the perfect carrier for the 0-3 month stage for easy snuggles and quick access for nursing and feeding. Be sure to check out some of their beautiful modern styles like Rainbow, Fern, and Lotus – all of which are made with 100% cotton and are handwoven with eco-friendly non- toxic dyes. ($120)