Though there have been many incorrect memes circulating on social media over the years, today, October 21, 2015, is the actual day that Doc Brown, Marty McFly, and Jennifer first left their cushy 1989 lives to travel “to the future” in Back to the Future Part II.

Meaning that, today, we are finally the future that was envisioned 30 years ago.

While the future as conceived in 1989 isn’t quite what we have today–check out this entertaining article in The Guardian which compares Back to the Future predictions with 2015 reality, here are a few cool ways to take advantage of the day.

(Top photo: Back to the Future II coffee mug from Perk Me Ups on Etsy)


Back the the Future II screen shot from YouTube

1. Free Rides!  (Though not on Hoverboards.)

So our kids won’t be floating above traffic to school today, however Lyft car-service users in New York City will be able to press “McFly Mode” when requesting a car between the hours of 11am and 5pm, and a lucky few will receive a free ride in an actual DeLorean.

2. Watch the movie, maybe for free!

Amazon Prime members can catch Back to the Future II streaming for free from the comfort of home this entire month.

If you actually get out to actual theaters from time to time, throw school night caution to the wind, and bring older kids to go back in time and re-watch the movie on the big screen today. Back to the Future II is playing in movie theaters across the country. Check you local listings for participating theaters. No word on whether or not they’ll be charging 1989’s ticket prices but I’m doubtful.

3. Laugh at a five-minute mini reunion movie.

Whether or not you want to use this as an opportunity to drink the 1989 product placement beverage of choice, do check out the fun Toyota Mirai 30-second teaser ad reuniting Doc Brown and Marty, discussing just which inventions came to fruition. It’s actually amazing. Then watch the full five minute version above, that agency Droga 5 just launched today.

4. Dance Ironically!

Download a copy of the iconic hit from Huey Lewis and the News, Back in Time, and play it on your very futuristic iPhone or Android phone that even the movie couldn’t have imagined.


5. Date your mother! No kidding…just be a cool mother and bake some cupcakes.

Back to the Future II cupcakes by Easy Peasy by Alison on Etsy

You can even pay homage with a mini Back to the Future II party with the kids just by baking some cupcakes and serving them printable Back to the Future cupcake party holders using Easy Peasy by Alison’s colorful decorations. Sorry, there are no Black and Decker rehydrators to do our cooking instantly. You’ll have to use an actual oven.