As a mom of three, I have checked out my fair share of bottles. Some are great while others…just awful. And during those sleepless days (and nights), it’s fair to say that a bottle that eases my mind, whether the baby is right in my arms while I work from home, or away from me when I’m getting a needed break.

Lately, I have been trying out the Comotomo soft baby bottle system which is made of a safe silicone that’s super squishy for little hands can grip them comfortably. The silicone baby bottles feature a naturally shaped nipple that is designed to mimic the suction of breastfeeding, to help both newborns, and those who may be transitioning from the breast to the bottle.

So far, I’m really liking them. I apprecaite the bottles’ air-vent system which really does help with that awful colic, gas, spit, and burping. (You know, all the fun stuff.)  I’m also digging how the soft bottles don’t weigh down my diaper bag — I’ve definitely got enough going on in there — and so far no spillage, which is pretty awesome.

In fact, if you’ve ever spilled 8 ounces of liquid gold in your brand new diaper bag — or anywhere really — you know what I’m talking about.

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New Comotomo silicone bottles are squishy so babies can hold them, and help relieve gas and colic

new Comotomo silicone baby bottles are soft so babies can grab them easily, with features to ease gas, colic and other issues.

My favorite of the feature of the Comotomo bottle system though, is the wide-mouth that makes them so so easy to clean. You won’t even need all those special brushes and foam sponges that somehow always get so gross. And they are dishwasher and microwave safe, but that’s your call, since parents all have different feelings about  such such things.

As for the price, the beautifully packaged Comotomo silicone baby bottle starter kit at $55 is a generous gift, but pretty good deal for a higher end bottle system like this one. It includes a variety of bottle sizes and nipple flows so that you can use the same system from the newborn stage through 6 months and even beyond. The silicone baby teethers that are included are a nice treat, too.

You can also just try out a few Comotomo bottles at a time — the prices are pretty great at our affiliate Amazon right now; about $20 for a set of two.

If you’re a first-time parent, I promise you you’ll be thrilled you’ll never have to go out buy tons of different bottles throughout all of their baby’s stages. The one watch-out is being sure your baby will take these bottles. While I had no problem at all, the fact is that some babies can be picky and not every system is right for every baby. Even one as good as this.

One small complaint: The bottles currently come in pink or green, and while I’m glad it’s not pink and blue, I personally would love to see more colors roll out. We’re in an age now where lime green and orange are neutrals and hey, city babies do wear black.


You can find the Comotomo silicone baby bottles in different sizes and colors at our affiliate Amazon,  or find the Comoto silicone baby bottle system starter kit online at the Comotomo website. Thanks to the company for sending CMP samples for review consideration.