The team at Cool Mom Picks always makes fun of me because of my strange aversion to nail art. (Seriously, do you see any nail art on our Pinterest boards? Exactly.) The way some people hate feet, I’m a little weird about close-up photos of nails. And yet I’ve finally come around — something I never thought I’d do — if only because I can’t stop laughing at the awesome assortment of pop culture nail decals from our friends at indie shop Shana Logic, illustrated by That Jane Designs.

When I was a kid, I never in a million years thought there would be any intersection whatsoever between Golden Girls fans and those who carried 20-sided dice in their pockets. And yet, welcome to 2015. She’s got sets featuring the casts of The Golden Girls,  The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, fantasy and gaming icons, David Bowie in all his various iterations and more.

Of course there are a zillion jokes here, like how now you can get Ziggy Stardust to do your typing, or have Betty White give someone the finger.  Personally, I have this urge to mix and match the sets and film a dance-off YouTube video between Carlton and Sophia using my fingers.

Man, where’s an Elaine nail decal when I need one?


Pop culture nail decal sets: The Golden Girls! |

Golden Girls nail decals


Unicorns, dragons, and gaming nail decal set | That Jane Designs

Unicorns, dragons and gaming nail decals

Pop culture nail decals: Fresh Prince cast| Cool Mom Picks

Fresh Prince of Bel Air nail decals

Cyber Girl 90's nail decal set from That Jane Designs

Cyber Girl 90s nail decals

Pop culture nail decals: David Bowie in all his iterations | by That Jane Designs

David Bowie nail decal set from That Jane Designs

David Bowie nail decals


You’ll find a lot more designs at the shop including cats, cool planetary designs, feathers, and cartoony illustrated gemstones, should you want to show off some 22-karat ruby fingers. The sets are $9 each making them awesome stocking stuffers, or just affordable little gifts for all your besties with the same 80’s and 90’s pop culture references that you have.

And now you can see how my fear of nail art got flipped-turned upside down.


We’re sorry, but indie shop Shana Logic has closed. Find even more by That Jane Designs at her own shop including Friends and Full House. You got it, dude