As we’re browsing the web for our huge annual holiday gift guide (it’s coming readers, sit tight!) I just had to stop to share this amazing find: A plush unicorn rocking horse. Or, I guess, a rocking unicorn would be more apt. While we’ve shared lots of amazing modern rocking horses over the years, I’d say this is up there among my favorites and if my kids were toddlers again, this would totally be a fixture in their rooms.

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Of course since actual unicorns are hard to come by, especially the real one that this one was modeled after, the price for this at RH Baby & Child is definitely on the splurgey side. It’s definitely an amazing holiday gift for a baby or toddler, or a new baby gift from those grandparents, aunts or uncles determined to spoil the kid no matter what you say.

Plush rocking dragon at RH Baby: We're in love!

And hey, if the unicorn isn’t your favorite magical creature of choice, I also happen to like their plush rocking dragon. And since he’s just a baby too, no worries about his yet-developed fire-breathing abilities. The biggest issue you might have is a drooly toddler, teething on his horns.

Find the cool plush unicorn rocking horse and other fun, plush rocking creatures for kids at RH Baby & Child.