I’ve definitely been looking for cool playroom ideas lately for my own son. Because between the art supplies in the kitchen, the Play-Doh in the dining room, and the pretend workbench and kitchen in the basement, my preschooler is quickly laying claim to our entire new house. I know you can’t really contain a kid to just one room, but I feel like what he really needs is a dedicated playroom or playspace where most of his toys can live, because, let’s be honest, I want my living room back.

And my dining room table.

And my kitchen floor.

To get the design ball rolling, I found these inspiring, very cool playroom ideas with features that can work in any size space in all kinds of homes. Because a playroom doesn’t even need to be its own room. And as I say all the time, I’m really not a big DIY-er so I love the idea that these are ideas that pretty much anyone can pull off.

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Cool playroom ideas: Paint a giant floor-to-ceiling chalkboard wall | My Domaine

“Attainable style” is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the Kardashians, but the playroom that Kourtney created for her kids (well, that her interior designer created) looks fairly easy to recreate. Mason and Penelope’s playroom, which can be seen on My Domaine, has all the elements of a traditional playroom including a rocking horse, train table, and ride-on car. Okay, so the silver Mercedes might be a little over-the-top for my tastes, but the bold black and white striped rug and chalkboard accent wall are just plain awesome and I love the punches of color.

Cool playroom ideas for kids: Chalkboard paint make drawing on the walls totally acceptable

If you don’t have a Kardashian-sized house and a dedicated playroom space, you can still divide room to create a kid-friendly space and incorporate a chalkboard wall —  just one of the things I love about the eclectic playroom designed by Emily Henderson. She mixes modern and vintage elements, and I think that hanging the frames on the chalkboard wall (an easy DIY!) keeps it from being too “kid” when it’s seen from the rest of your home. I also love how she brightens a dark space with pops of vibrant color, and the idea of using poufs instead of chairs around the play table. I probably wouldn’t spend hours painting the inside of dozens of Mason jars, but I’d definitely mimic some of these cool playroom ideas.



Cool Playroom Ideas: Build a rock climbing wall! How-to via Fun at Home With Kids

If boredom has your kids climbing the walls, why not just build them a rock climbing wall like Asia from Fun at Home With Kids did? Her children’s cool playroom also has a hanging bar and rings, sensory boards, a cooking nook, and an awesome pirate ship swing. So cool, right? You may not want to turn your entire basement into an adventure course, but you can follow Asia’s advice and group similar toys and activities together while leaving space for gross motor play.


Cool Playroom Ideas: Create a colorful book nook using forward facing bookshelves for easy access | Pencil Shavings

As a mom on a mission to raise young readers, I think books are an essential component of every playroom. I’m obsessing over the front-facing bookshelves from The Land of Nod that Rachel of Pencil Shavings Studio used to create this colorful library. What toddler wouldn’t be inspired to lounge with his favorite book on those giant floor cushion, especially when every title is easily visible and totally within reach? I think this is the perfect spot for story time, any time.

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Cool Playroom ideas: If you have a TV, hide it so it's not the main focus of the room | Birds of a Feather

As much as I’d like to say we’re a screen-free family, I let my kids watch a little TV because they enjoy it — and because sometimes mom needs a break. No judgments; I know every parent has different rules and boundaries about screen time, but I love how this contemporary playroom from Birds of a Feather minimizes the TV by incorporating it seamlessly into the decor. It’s not the first thing you see — that awesome rug and light fixture are — but it’s not hiding in shame, either. It’s a good way to remind kids that there are other choices for free time besides TV watching.



Cool playroom ideas: You can never have too much art on display for inspiration | No Monsters in My Bed

We’ve never entirely understood those “perfect” playrooms you see online that feature a single, perfectly framed piece of artwork on the walls. For real? The way I see it, decorating with children’s artwork is a win-win all around: It helps liven up the space, it makes kids feel welcome, they get to admire their own handiwork, and hey, you get to save money on art! I wouldn’t plaster the walls in every room of my house with my preschooler’s crayon scribbles, but I’d definitely hang his mini masterpieces in a playroom. To take it further, I love the idea of covering an entire wall with corkboard like this basement playroom on No Monsters In My Bed. What makes it really fun is mixing and matching textures and styles, from  photos to drawings to string garlands draped with hand-painted clothespins.

You have to click over for lots of ideas and a really amazing before-and-after.



cool playroom ideas: create dedicated a dress-up corner | No Monsters in My Bed

Also fun from the same No Monsters in My Bed playroom makeover is this great idea for a dedicated dress-up corner. A few hooks, a basket, and a small stool is all you need, but if you have more space (and more dress-up clothes!) you can use a trunk or a series of bins. Just know your own jewelry and accessories will end up in there magically at some point. But hey, at least you’ll know where to look when it’s missing.



Cool Playroom ideas: Turn a small space into a dedicated play area if you don't have a whole room. Kids don't need a lot of space!  | Lay Baby Lay

Joni of Lay Baby Lay creates the most magical children’s spaces and proves that a playroom doesn’t even need to be its own room. You can create a fun playroom space for kids in a small space, even underneath a staircase. All you need is a rug to delineate the area. Oh, and some comfy chairs, lots of books (of course), and I like the old-school green chalkboard for doodling. Just know you’ll probably need a trunk or a separate closet for storing toys and games, which will decidedly accumulate as your kids get older.