With holidays coming up, we’re seeing a lot more interest in building toys and maker toys, a trend we’ve loved since, well, before it was a trend. And earlier this year at Toy Fair, when I saw the new 5-in-1¬†pegasus kit from YOXO I thought whoa, that’s going to be one awesome gift for the holidays.

Now that it’s finally available, I’m so excited to share it because it’s one heck of a building kit.¬†First off, everything is US-made from recycled wood pulp. This¬†gives the Y, X and O (get it, YOXO?) pieces kind of a cardboard feel, but more sturdy. There are instructions for your¬†kids to¬†put together the nearly 60 pieces to create a pretty awesome pegasus, and when they’re done, try their hands¬†at an airplane, racecar, bird and (whoo!) unicorn.

But more than that,¬†the modularity of the YOXO pieces are made to work with other toys and objects you already have around the house, whether it’s a paper towel tube, a cereal box, or your LEGO and Mega Bloks sets. So really, it’s like a zillion-in-1 kit since your kids are only limited by their imagination.

The price? Just under $30. Sweet. And that’s for the biggest kits.

There are other options¬†too, like a fierce fyre dragon, a very cool dragonfly¬†— which can also be a tricycle, a chicken, or a rocket by the way — and then some smaller 3-in-1 kits for just $9.99, like the zoom scooter¬†which can also be a butterfly, a hover space cruiser, or whatever else your kids can think of.


YOXO new pegasus 4-in-1 building kit. Awesome, affordable, and eco-friendly.

YOXO fyre dragon modular 4-in-1 kit: Awesome, eco-friendly building gift for kids

YOXO 3-in-1 eco friendly building kits: Amazing price, and they're modular so you can expand them with everything from LEGOs to cereal boxes

There’s a¬†pair of YOXO robot building kits too, which I bet a lot of kids will love, but I admit I was less excited by the design of those than the others. Then I learned on the site that you can actually download compatible cutouts for free, and turn the robot into Paul Bunyan. (We’re sorry, but this item is no longer available.) Or check out their Instagram feed for inspiration to make your own¬†a baseball player or even a robot James Bond. You just have to be a¬†little imaginative and okay, a lot crafty, ¬†to hack your own, but the results are so¬†fun.

YOXO robot building kit hacked to make a James Bond robot

This is a neat little company doing some cool stuff and I just love everything they stand for: Eco-friendly toys, imagination, affordability, creative building, and humor.

But then, they had me at pegasus.

Visit YOXO to check out their fun, eco-friendly building kits including the brand new 5-in-1 YOXO pegasus kit. Thanks to the company for sending CMP kits for review.