Since their launch, we’ve been huge fans of Tegu, makers of the smart, high quality, sustainable wood and magnetic block sets that have just blown up over the years. While their collection of choices has gotten bigger, now Tegu has a wonderful new offering that’s going in the other direction.

The adorably creative  Tegu MyBLOCKHEAD wooden block sets are little customizable block sets that let you add a whole lot of personality to an existing set of their blocks, or just create a fun little toy for a kid all on its own.

Whether your child is a soccer star, likes everything to be pink, pink, pink, really digs Nyan cat, or is obsessed with dinosaurs, there’s an option here. You can choose from 10 images for the “body” plus countless color combos so that your kid’s Blockhead really feels like his or her own. In fact, there are more than 40,000 different possible combos for any one set, but as we all know, your kids’ ideas for how to play with them will be infinite.

myBLOCKHEAD by Tegu: Adorable, magnetic, custom block sets made from sustainable wood in your choice of cute colors and styles.

Tegu's new custom myBLOCKHEAD dolls: Superhero robot edition


At $20 for the four-block set, it’s not too cheap but not super pricey, and the blocks are wonderfully high-quality, making a really special little toy that will last a long time, all from a company we love to support.

Along with little trinkets and treats, I always tuck one fun small toy in my kids’ Christmas stockings every year–something they can play with while I go brew a pot of coffee before we all attack the gifts under the tree. This holiday, I think I can now cross that one off the list.

You can find MyBLOCKHEAD custom wooden block sets online at with free shipping.