When I first got wind of the Kickstarter for Peanut Gallery Comics, how could I not smile? The idea is so simple and smart — commissioning one of four illustrators to create an original comic strip or frame of some funny, quirky, wonderful thing your kid said that you just have to preserve forever.

You know, somewhere besides Facebook.

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As a testament to dad Matt Tepper’s clever idea, after just a couple of days they’ve already hit their reasonable funding goal. However there’s still time for you to get in on some great early perks, like just $30 for your own original comic print, or for $120, actual canvas artwork.


Turn your kids hilarious sayings in to professionally drawn comics at Peanut Gallery Comics

Have your kids' funny moments turned into professional comics with this new service!


Peanut Gallery Comics lets you choose an illustrator, and preserve the funny things your kids say in comic form

Now of course the real success will come down to the quality of the illustrators, and whether one feels right for you. (I think the current crop is talented, though can Tony Diterlizzi sign on? Maira Kalman? Please?) But I have no doubt every parent in the world has an endless source of material to choose from.

Just last night, my daughter told me that if she had a light saber and could do absolutely anything she wanted with it, she knew what she’d choose: “I’d cut a watermelon, mom!”

Oh, I got lots of them.