I love the idea of Mother’s Day quote prints featuring our favorite quotes about motherhood. Whether it’s coming from kids who don’t always know how to express their affections (I’m looking at you, teens) or just from those of us adult children of mothers who know just what will light up our own mothers’ eyes on Mother’s Day and find a permanent place on a wall or desk.

These mom quote prints we’ve found run the gamut from modern but sweet to a little sassy and sarcastic — and I imagine there’s one that will be very much appreciated for a special mom in your life. With or without an accompanying, in-person hug. Although I highly recommend the hug.


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Classic J.D. Salinger Mother's Day print from Rain City Prints | Etsy

Mothers Are All Slightly Insane Print ($17.81+, Rain City)

I see this as a tongue-in-cheek gift for one mother from another (maybe a grandmother gift?), but I can imagine a few kids who would enjoy giving this to their mothers, too. Note:  This print ships from Canada, so order soon if you’re planning on having it by Mother’s Day.


Perfect feminist Mother's Day print from Emily McDowell Studio | Etsy

No Validation Required Print ($22.00, Emily McDowell Studios)

As an empowered mom, maybe you don’t need validation, but you’ll get it from your kids simply in the form of this awesome print by one of our favorite artists, Emily McDowell. I want this to be my new mantra.


Mothers Hold Their Children's Hands Mother's Day print by Whisker Prints is such a simple, sweet message for Mother's Day.

Mothers Hold Their Children’s Hands Print ($8.99,Whisker Prints)

As much as I like the humorous mom quotes, there’s nothing quite like a simple, loving affirmation to make a mother’s heart melt.


If you or your mother is a force to be reckoned with, try this Maya Angelou Mother's Day print by Rain City Prints.

Maya Angelou Mother’ Day Quote Print ($17.82, Rain City Prints)

I absolutely love this design of one of our very favorite quotes from poet Maya Angelou. She always managed to say anything at all just so perfectly.

My Mother Was Right Mother's Day print by Oh My Wall Prints--because it's about time they realize it.

My Mother Was Right Print for Digital Download ($5.00, Oh My Walls Prints )

If you don’t receive this Oh My Walls print on Mother’s Day, consider buying it for yourself. Because it’s true.

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It's never bad advice. Keep Calm and Call Mom Mother's Day print by eDesign Solutions.

Keep Calm and Call Mom Quote Print for Download ($3.65, eDesign Solutions)

Yes, we’ve all seen the keep calm thing and you might be over it. But this one still makes us giggle, and the modern color combo made this one stand out to us. If you’re struggling to find a super affordable but still very cute Mother’s Day gift, or you’re scrambling for a last-minute idea, this printable may be perfect.

To the Moon and Back Mother's Day print from Printsaurus is totally cute and totally free.

Free Printable To the Moon and Back Mother’s Day Quote Print (Free, Printsaurus)

Confession: Even though I’m willing to travel to the moon and back for my mom, I too-often forget to go shopping anywhere until the night before Mother’s Day. But with this free printable that serves up many moms’ all-time favorite quote about motherhood, all I need is a full cartridge of black ink.


Loving the design of this Full Hands, Fuller Hearts Mother's Day from Les Petits Prints.

Printable Full Hands, Fuller Hearts quote print ($5.00 download, Les Petits Prints)

My heart feels fuller just looking at this whimsical Mother’s Day quote art, ready for printing for all those Mother’s Day gift procrastinators (like me) out there.

Awesome Free Range Children Mother's Day print from Karen Walk.

Free Range Kids Print ($17.74, from Karen Walk)

Karen Walk designed this print to encourage kids to put away their devices and play outdoors but hey, we don’t judge. There’s just something great about acknowledging their growing independence and I bet they’d like it too. This product ships from the UK so double check shipping times before ordering.

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Somehow this Mother's Day print from Mottos Print on Etsy manages to be sassy and sweet at the same time.

The Smile You Gave Me Mother’s Day quote print ($9.00, Mottos Print)

I love the minimalist, modern typography of what would otherwise just be a very sweet Mother’s Day quote print. Give it to a mom who doesn’t like to admit she’s sentimental but has a big molten heart.

Adorable Mother's Day print from Little Lief Creative -- and so true.

Mom Superpower quote print ($13.77, Little Lief Creative)

Enough said. Now, can they make it in a T-shirt? And a tote bag? Ships from Canada. 

We'll take it: World's Okayest Mom Mother's Day print from White Plum Ink Co. | Etsy

Printable World’s Okayest Mom Quote Print ($3.75, White Plum Ink Co.)

An affordable, hilarious, perfect printable Mother’s Day poster, for all the moms out there with a great sense of humor. (And for that, give yourselves a round of applause.)



Can't get enough of this Strong Women Mother's Day print from Smudge Creative Design.

Printable Here’s to Strong Women Mother’s Day quote print ($4.99, Smudge Creative Design)

I had to save this print by Smudge Creative Design for last because it’s my absolute favorite as far as Mother’s Day quote prints go. I think it would make any mom feel like she can run a double marathon or benchpress a small bus. (Or, maybe just get the kids to make their beds once in awhile without being asked.) So I can only imagine how awesome it’d make my own mom feel. That’s a win.