Certain words are especially delightful to parents of babies and young children: Mama. Dada. Go take a nap honey, I’ll clean up.

Are you with me?

Once you’ve had kids, few things are as precious and elusive as sleep. Oh, sweet sweet sleep. That’s why I love the idea of these personalized sleep masks from The Sleepy Cottage on Etsy for an affordable, very thoughtful Mother’s Day gift. Our editor Liz has ordered a bunch herself over the holidays, and she swears by the craftsmanship and great service from Texas maker Sabrina Evans.

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Awesome sleep masks on Etsy that make great Mother's Day gifts, especially for new moms!
There are a lot of options in the shop. As in, a ton. From personalized names and monograms, to quotes that will make you laugh out loud. So give yourself a little time to browse.

And while we’ve picked out a few favorite sleep masks that will make fun Mother’s Day gifts or baby shower gifts, there are others that aren’t quite G-rated. Maybe those are the ones for those new moms, whose babies can’t yet read?

Find a fantastic collection of handmade sleep masks at the Sleepy Cottage on Etsy. Be sure to order in time for Mother’s Day delivery!