Celebrities! They’re just like us! They get coffee at Starbucks, they wear sweats to the grocery store, and… they read books. Of course, it’s not like we can just give every one of our favorite movie stars, authors, and television personalities a phone call and ask them what’s on their nightstand (our rolodexes aren’t that good) which is why we’re pretty excited to share our newest sponsor, Book of the Month Club  which pretty much does that very thing for you.

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Instead of using algorithms, Book of the Month Club actually works with the kinds of curators whose recos we’re interested in. We’re talking passionate celebrity readers like Ellie Kemper, Whoopi Goldberg, David Sedaris, or this month’s featured judge, actor Josh Radnor, whose recommendations include David Gilbert’s best-seller, & Sons.

So if you’re like us and are always looking for new reading ideas, or you’re trying to find a fantastic gift idea for the bookworm in your life (hello, Father’s Day!), we think you’ll totally love this cool service that delivers their recommended hardcover books right to your door each month.

To get you thinking, here are 5 cool books that have been recommended by some of the Book of the Month Club featured judges, and why we want to read them ourselves.


The Nest: A recommended read from Ellie Kemper

Featured Judge: Ellie Kemper, Actor

Book Recommendation: The Nest, Cynthia Daprix Sweeney

What she said about it: “The story dances in the reader’s mind; it lives and breathes and is as immediate as a theater piece playing out before your eyes.”

Why we want to read it: A hilarious novel about dysfunctional adult siblings? Sounds right up our alley for some fun summer reading. (And Amy Poehler blurbed it too, so that’s two strong recos from hilarious women we love.)


So you've been publicly shamed by Jon Ronson: A recommended read from Joel Stein

Featured Judge: Joel Stein, Journalist

Book Recommendation: So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed, Jon Ronson

What he said about it: “Anyone who reads this book would hold off from going online to rip apart that Minnesota dentist who killed Cecil the Lion.”

Why we want to read it: We could all use a little more empathy in our hearts, especially as we raise kids who are growing up in a social media world.


All Things Cease to Appear by Elizabeth Brundage: A recommended read from Leigh Haber

Featured Judge: Leigh Haber, Oprah Magazine‘s Book Editor

Book Recommendation: All Things Cease to Appear, Elizabeth Brundage

What she said about it: “If stories involving axes and ghosts and cars being purposely nudged off cliffs aren’t for you, avoid this mesmerizing novel at all costs.”

Why we want to read it: Sometimes a good psychological thriller is just what we need to take our minds off of real life for a while.

Ghettoside by Jill Leovy: A recommended read from David Sedaris

Featured Judge: David Sedaris, Author

Book Recommendation: Ghettoside, Jill Leovy

What he said about it: “Ghettoside reads like a novel. It’s meticulously paced and the writing frequently stopped me cold.”

Why we want to read it:  By all accounts, it covers a complex and important topic beautifully — and if David Sedaris recommends it, we’re all in.

The Moor's Account by Laila Lalami: A recommended read from Craig Ferguson

Featured Judge: Craig Ferguson, late-night TV host + comedian

Book Recommendation: The Moor’s Account, Laila Lalami

What he said about it: “Selling yourself into slavery to provide for your family: jerk move or noble sacrifice? Think… think…”

Why we want to read it: This fictional memoir and Pulitzer Prize finalist has been praised by so many people we trust, and Ferguson’s thumbs-up only seals the deal.

Book of the Month club May book suggestions

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Huge thanks to our sponsor Book of the Month Club for making it easier for all of us to get our hands on amazing books, so we can commit to reading even more in front of our kids.

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