We’ve found the cutest new children’s toy, and it includes fairy dust. Or a treasure map. What more could any child want, really?

The new, cool nature kits from Rose & Rex are what little kids’ dreams are made of, packed neatly into a cute wooden box. Carefully curated boxes that are sure to inspire kids to create and play, and take their big imaginations outdoors this summer.

These nature kits come in two varieties, a Fairyhouse Kit and a Treasure Hunter’s Kit, so there is something for everyone, depending on whether your child is more inclined to whimsy or adventure (not that they’re mutually exclusive, obviously). The Treasure Hunter’s kit includes a map, pyrite and mica chips, and a magnifying glass, among other adventure essentials. The Fairyhouse kit includes moss, feathers, acorn caps, and of course, fairy dust.


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The Treasure Hunter's Kit provides everything she needs to explore Neverland, or just the backyard.

While I’m pleasantly charmed by these kits and their rustic, resusable boxes, I recognize that $40 is a lot to pay for objects you can easily find in the woods or heck, in your backyard. And I can see my 5-year-old niece losing the contents of this box before the first day of summer vacation is even over. So I’d understand why some parents might skip the kit altogether and forage for their own materials.

That said, I think these nature kits are such a smart way to jump-start your child’s summer adventures and would make a sweet and unique gift for a kid who’s crazy about The Secret Garden or The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Or, save this for a day during summer break when you just can’t with Frozen anymore.

Find both these fun kits at Rose & Rex