Back in 2014, Kate spent some time with¬†the original Taga Bike¬†with some pretty stellar results,¬†and¬†I’m not the least¬†bit surprised she fell for this cool family bike.¬†It’s brilliantly designed, can ferry up to two kids in the front compartment where parents can see them, and to top it off, it¬†flips into a stroller in a mere¬†20 seconds.

In fact, the only major criticism from our readers¬†was the bike’s steep price — about $1,500 for the basic model. Eek!

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With that in mind, the creators have just rolled out the Taga 2.0, which is a fantastic deal. Well, relatively.

The Taga 2.0 s around $800 if you pre-order, plus shipping and the cost of any other fun features you want to add on, like that snazzy water squirter attachment for those really brave parents, or the electric kit that converts it into an E-bike for those of us living in hilly territory.

The Bugaboo level price¬†is obviously¬†still high for most of the world, and hard to justify if¬†you’d¬†use the¬†bike more for occasional leisure than utility. But for urban families who could¬†actually depend on¬†it to transport kids and groceries on a regular basis, it could best¬†$800 you’ve spent¬†in a while.

The Taga Bike 2.0 is completely funded on Kickstarter and is available for pre-order with an estimated ship date of February 2017.