We love pencil cases! They’re where we put all our pencils! And pens, and earbuds, and erasers, and… pretty much anything that’ll fit. As our kids head back to school, we’re getting serious about corralling clutter, and if we can do it with flair, even better. So we’ve put together a ton of cool pencil cases especially geared toward lovers of books and writing. Or, as we like to call ourselves, word nerds.

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Meanwhile, you’ll need somewhere to keep all those cool new writing implements. So pencil us in for these 17 clever, inspiring pencil cases for word lovers of all ages.



Pencil cases for writers and word lovers: Write inspirational pencil case | shiratshira on Etsy

Write inspirational pencil case | Shira T Shira on Etsy

Sometimes, we need a reminder to pick up that pencil and start creating–or doing homework. This refreshingly simple canvas pouch is hand-printed and stamped. The shop also has one that says “I have no clue what I’m doing,” if you find that more comforting than commands.


Pencil cases for word nerds and book lovers: Book Nerd pencil case | outofmyhead on Etsy

Book Nerd pencil case | Out of My Head on Etsy

We like to party, and by party, we mean stay home and read. Sound familiar? This black cotton pouch has BOOK NERD embroidered on the back and comes with an adorable book charm on the zipper so you can tuck it into a backpack, or grab it and go all on its own. Perfect for all those trips to the bookstore. And yes, we still go to bookstores!

Pencil cases for word nerds and book lovers: #AMWRITING pencil cases in lots of colors on Etsy

#AMWRITING pencil cases | Bean and Type on Etsy

For the writer who is, well, always writing, we adore these #AMWRITING pencil cases which come in all different backgrounds and colors — should you prefer the crisp white of a fresh sheet of paper to a funky floral. Then again, some writers are terrified by a blank page. Maybe go with the patterns.

Pencil cases for word nerds and book lovers: Out of Print Library card pouch

Library card pencil case | Out of Print

Check it out! (Get it?) Our forever pals at Out of Print have done it again with this adorably old-fashioned library card pouch, also available in shocking yellow. If only it came with a big red OVERDUE stamp.



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Pencil cases for word nerds: Weapons of Mass Creation pouch | Society6

Weapons of Mass Creation pencil case | Bianca Green at Society6

It’s no secret we love the new pencil cases and pouches at Society6, but this one is especially apropos for fans of writing and reading. Choose your weapon wisely. Or just bring an entire battalion of ballpoints and a squadron of colorful Pentax pens.

Pencil cases for word nerds and book lovers: Book Babe pouch | BlueQ

This book babe pencil case is perfect for…the bookish babe. It’s made of 95% post-consumer waste with a lovely illustration by Tokyo illustrator and painter Tatsuro Kiuchi. And it makes us reconsider bangs for fall.

They look like vintage books but they're actually flat pencil cases. So cool!

Vintage Book Pencil Case | Cool Pencil Case Shop

These pencil cases actually look like small vintage books themselves! Very cool trompe l’oeil effect, from an aptly named shop. All three are terrific, but the graphic Find Your Dream is a message we’d love to look at every time we pull a pen out to write.


Pencil cases for writers, readers and book lovers: Alice in Wonderland vintage illustration pencil case on Etsy

Vintage Alice in Wonderland pencil case | MarfDayz on Etsy

Alice is a perennial favorite among all the book lovers around here, and we love this vintage pattern that’s reminiscent of the book, and not one of the many film adaptations. (Not that we’re complaining about Helena Bonham Carter’s Queen of Hearts. But still.)


Pencil cases for writers, readers and book lovers: Harry Potter graphic novel pencil case on Etsy

Harry Potter Comic pencil case | Yumage on Etsy

We searched for some of our kids’ favorite modern book characters on pencil cases, and what HP fan wouldn’t be taken with Harry, Hermione, Ron guarding their most special pens. Maybe with magic. Also great for holding quills and possibly small wands.

Pencil cases for writers, readers and book lovers: Pride & Prejudice pencil case from Out of Print Clothing

Pride and Prejudice pencil case | Out of Print

If you’d rather look for your — or your kids’ — favorite real books represented on pencil cases, this Pride and Prejudice pouch is so resplendent that even Caroline Bingley would have to approve. Perfect for carrying the pointed quills of anyone accomplished. And if you’re shopping for your kids, this shop has tons of book cover pencil cases, from vintage classics to Miss Peregrine.


Pencil cases for writers, readers and book lovers: Wild Things pencil pouch from NevermoreVintage on Etsy

Wild Things pencil case | Nevermore Vintage on Etsy

With Max and the Wild Things on top and sassy black vinyl below, this pencil case takes it up a notch. We could eat it up, we love it so! The shop also has Wizard of Oz, Star Wars, and mustaches in the same pattern, if you’re into that.


Pencil cases for writers, readers and book lovers: Vintage typewriter key pencil case on Etsy

Vintage typewriter key pencil case | The Knicks of Knacks on Etsy

There’s just something ironic about storing writing utensils in a typewriter key bag. We deeply dig these colorful, retro typewriter keys. And the fact that we don’t have to use White-Out anymore.
Pencil cases for writers, readers and book lovers: Raven Pouch for fans of Poe by MarfDaze on Etsy

Raven pencil case | MarfDaze on Etsy

Nevermore would we forget a pencil case emblazoned with Poe’s proverbial Raven. And just in time for Halloween. But then, every day is kind of Halloween for Poe fans.
Crossword puzzle pencil cases on Etsy

Crossword puzzle pencil cases | All of the Things NYC

What word nerd doesn’t love crosswords? Exactly. Just know your kid may devote spare time to filling in the squares. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.
Script Pouch | DapperCardinal on Etsy
Script pencil case | Dapper Cardinal on Etsy
Simple, elegant, extra long and ready to carry all of your favorite pens, pencils and maybe even a ruler, this printed canvas pouch has much nicer handwriting than we do. Doesn’t it make you ready to write? Right now? Pencil us in for fun!
Thanks to Pentel for sponsoring this post, and for creating pens with an outstanding standard of quality and craftsmanship, and enough variety so there’s a Pentel Pen that feels as personal as what you write with it. Something brilliant, no doubt. Or grocery lists. That’s cool too.