If we’re going to talk about natural deodorant, there’s no way it’s not going to get a little TMI up in here, which I’m okay with if you’re okay with. Because if you’re like me, you’ve had to use the strongest deodorant formulas, you know, the ones in the box that are one step down from prescription level, and you don’t feel so great about slathering it under your arms every morning and then scrubbing like crazy to get it off.

That’s where Primal Pit Paste natural deodorant comes into the story and saves the day.

Our beauty expert Kristyn Rudnet actually recommended it to me awhile ago, and since I trust her with all things beauty-product related, I gave it a try. And I have to say, I’m extremely pleased with how well it’s been working for me. And, even better, for my tween daughter, too.

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Primal Pit Paste review on Cool Mom Picks: A natural deodorant that really does work

Made from all-natural ingredients (yes, you will recognize and be able to pronounce everything), you just lightly slather this natural deodorant under your arm pits like anything else you’ve worn and you’re set for the day. Unless you’re planning super strenuous activity, that is. Then you might want to reapply a little more.

It’s definitely a completely different feel than regular deodorant. You actually have to hold the stick under your pit for a few seconds for it to warm up, then rub just a bit (not a lot like you might be used to). And it’s a little tacky and doesn’t actually dry out, which does feel weird at first.

The scents are more natural, so think lavender vs. “Shower Fresh Feeling,” which can take some adjustment if you prefer perfume.

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When I first started using it, I actually switched back to my old deodorant for situations where I was worried about sweating (media appearance, fancy date night in a silk dress), but now, honestly, I don’t even need to do that because I truly believe that after wearing this stuff for months now, my body has changed and I just don’t sweat as much. It’s pretty crazy. (And a little scary when I think about what I’ve been rubbing under my arms for so long).

Sure, I still get a little bit of odor by the end of the day, or sooner if it’s super hot, but it’s nothing more than I got wearing my other strong deodorant. And they’ve got a strong version that I’ve yet to try, which might be good for those extra long days (or stressful situations).

But now, I feel better about what I’m putting on my body, and I also feel good about letting my daughter put it on hers too.


You can order Primal Pit Paste from their website or at our affiliate Amazon.com. You’ll definitely want to do a skin test first, as the product does contain essential oils and baking soda that some people do have reactions to. They do have a baking soda-free version too. 

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