I like to stock my daughter’s wardrobe with lots of leggings when the weather gets cooler. She can wear them under anything from dresses to long sweaters, and they’re definitely way more comfy than jeans. So, I spent a couple hours clicking through some of favorite shops to see what’s trending this fall, and I couldn’t help but be drawn to (ha) the doodle leggings that are everywhere, indie shops to big box stores alike.

From unicorns to mushrooms to word play, these doodle leggings for kids are clearly revealing everything that captures their very vivid imaginations. And, really, they’re just so fun.

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Doodle leggings for kids: Believe! by Milk & Masuki are fun and fashionable.

Unicorns are still going strong as the favorite mythical animal among so many of the kids I know, so I can see any of them wearing these Believe leggings at Milk & Masuki. The doodle style ages these up a bit, making it cool for kids who are way past the toddler years. (sizes 3–7)

Doodle leggings for kids: Okay leggings at Eleventy Five are A-OK.

I found a bunch of adorable leggings at Eleventy Five, but these Okay leggings by Fine Little Fits were my favorite. Because if we can’t get a “Yes” from our kids, we’ll settle for an “Okay.” (sizes 3 mo.–4T)

Doodle leggings for kids: Rainforest by Aarrekid are wild.

Sloths were among our favorite animals just a few years ago, and they’re making a big comeback this year. We love that they’re representing in these fun graphic Rainforest leggings by Aarrekid. (Although, I’m not so sure giraffes and zebras really live in rainforests, but whatever.) These slim fit leggings are 100% organic cotton and 40% off right now — so get them while you can! (sizes 5–6)

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Doodle leggings for kids: Yellow Blob by Koolabah are so funny!

Most of the doodle leggings for kids that I found had all-over patterns, but these funny yellow blob leggings by Koolabah stood out to me because of their simplicity. And personality! How adorable are those little creatures on the knees, and what are they exactly? A bald old man? A flying hamburger? Or, really, just yellow blobs? Whatever they are, they’re cute. And 70% off right now! (sizes 12–18 mo., or 5–6 years)

Doodle leggings for kids: Max the Monster by J. Crew, because googly eyes!

Doodlers young and old are sure to find these Max the Monster leggings at J. Crew are a must, because, googly eyes! The all-over pattern is so fun and playful. Plus, the deep navy and gold combo is perfect for fall. (sizes 2–14)

Doodle leggings for kids: Graphic mushroom leggings by Hansel from Basel are a fresh take on the woodland creatures trend.

We’re big fans of the woodland trend, and I love how these mushroom leggings by Hansel from Basel are a playful twist on the theme. Even if you’ve already got drawers full of foxes and hedgehogs, these leggings paired these with a denim dress or black tunic is a fresh, fun take on the trend. (sizes 0–3 years) (We’re sorry, but this item is no longer available)

Doodle leggings for kids: Chalk art doodle leggings at Target are anything but boring.

Not all doodle art has to be black and white, of course. These chalk art leggings at Target are so colorful and fun for fall, and look just like something my kids would draw on the sidewalk. Now, that’s what I call wearable art. (sizes 2T–6X)