They aren’t as sly as a fox, as wise as an owl, or as puffy as a hedgehog, but the unassuming sloth is poised to be the next big thing for kids, as Liz and I noticed as we toured Toy Fair earlier this year. These slow-moving, surprisingly adorable creatures even have their own week dedicated to them, with Sloth Week 2014 beginning today, June 20 so you and the kids can view online videos and sloth-related TV programming on Animal Planet all week long.

(Kind of the kinder, gentler alternative to Shark Week.)

If you too want to surround yourself or your kids with all things sloth, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite picks for you to consider.

Sloth Week: A Little Book of Sloth | Cool Mom Picks

If your kids aren’t all that familiar with sloths,  share the gorgeously photographed A Little Book of Sloth  at bedtime and introduce them to the residents of the world’s largest sloth orphanage in Costa Rica. Cuteness overload!


Sloth Week: Joanne Liu sloth print at Society 6 | Cool Mom Picks

Joanne Liu’s colorful Sloth Swing art print would look adorable hanging around a child’s bedroom.


Sloth Week: sloth blanket from Square Paisley Design | Cool Mom Picks

Will a baby wrapped in a sloth blanket take longer naps? Maybe if it’s as soft and snuggly as this one by Square Paisley Design.


Sloth Week: Atomic BHB sloth phone case | Cool Mom Picks

Proclaim your love of sloths to those around you with the cutest sloth iPhone and gadget cases, like this abstract sloth iPhone case from Atomic BHB.


Sloth Week: Anthropologie sloth decor | Cool Mom Picks

Yeah, there are stuffed animals. but this unique, beautifully made stuffed sloth doll from Anthropologie is ready to make the nursery its natural habitat.


Sloth Week: sloth necklace from Mary Mary Handmade | Cool Mom Picks

My tween would adore Mary Walke’s lovely sterling silver sloth necklace. And given how late she sleeps on the weekends, it’s the ideal animal for her.


Sloth Week: sloth socks by Sock It To Me | Cool Mom Picks

Sock It To Me’s pink sloth knee socks for kids are perfect for days of just hanging around. Hey,  you wouldn’t expect these to be running socks, would you?


Sloth Week: Lost Sloth book | Cool Mom Picks

Written and illustrated by J. Otto Seibold, who also illustrated the beloved Olive the Other Reindeer, Lost Sloth will have your kids laughing at and empathizing with poor Sloth who needs to hurry, hurry, hurry to claim a prize at a nearby store.


Sloth Week: sloth onesie by Odd Kitten Art at Society 6 | Cool Mom Picks

What’s cuter than a smiling sloth onesie? When that onesie worn by a cute little baby. This one from by Kaydee Elaine at Society 6.


Sloth Week: Retro Sloth print by Nextline | Cool Mom Picks

This retro sloth and baby print created by London-based children’s book illustrator Gleb Toropov is so soothing to look at in its shades of brown and tan. Let’s hope it brings sweet dreams too.


Sloth Week: Savage Seeds sloth stuffed animal | Cool Mom Picks

Savage Seeds makes the cuddliest sloth stuffed animal around, with no buttons, beads, or giant sloth claws to bother young kids who just want to hug. (Note: shop is currently on vacation but message them when they return for ordering information)

Sloth Week: Night Owl Paper Goods sloth Journal | Cool Mom Picks

Night Owl Paper Goods’ recycled and biodegradable Sylvie Sloth journal is ready to cling tightly to deep thoughts, special lists, or important ideas. About sloths. Or other things.


Check out the Animalist’s Sloth Week online beginning June 20th, with new videos daily and even a “sloth cam” for live action. And tune into Animal Planet for special sloth programming all week long.