One of the hardest things about buying clothes for my tween is that she wants to look grown-up, but the clothes made for teens are too often high on price and low on, uh, coverage. And the message isn’t always one I want to promote, like those “Math is hard” shirts that keep popping up like a negative self-esteem whack-a-mole game. Luckily, we’ve found a great company in California with clothes and accessories we think are perfect for our tweens and teens — because they’re designed and curated by actual tween and teen girls.

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The company, Epic Sky, has a focus on helping girls “speak up in style.” They’re basically like a Delia’s 2.0. They have a few different clothing lines, jewelry lines, and a bathing suit line, and everything on the site has been carefully sourced and selected by a team of young contributors, which the tween or teen in your life can join by the way (yes, really!) by emailing and sharing a link to their design work.

We especially love the super positive and empowering Epic Truth tees for our girls, like the I Am Enough tee shirt shown at top. And since they feature sayings and graphics written and designed by tweens and teens, your kids are sure to love them too.

Epic Sky tee shirt designed by teens and tweens, for teens and tween girls.

Epic Sky makes tees for tweens and teens, designed by tweens and teens.

Find Your Epic tee from Epic Sky Co.

The sizes range from 7Y to adult sizes, but each piece seems to have a very different range of what’s currently available. Some of the prices are a little high, in my opinion, but it does look like there are some sales going on. And these tees would make great gifts for the holidays. Plus, the confident and fierce look on the faces of these girls wearing these epic tees is pretty priceless to me. That’s exactly how I want my daughter to feel when she gets dressed in the morning. After all, I think she’s pretty epic.

You can find all these graphic tee shirts and more at the Epic Sky website. And be sure to let your tween or teen know they also have a Girl Talk blog on the site, where kids can speak up in their own words about topics that interest them, from poetry to Snapchat to safe spaces and so much more.

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